Formation of an Accountable Care Organization

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Formation of An Accountable Care Organization:
HealthCare Partners

Health care expenditure in the United States is approaching 20 percent of the gross domestic product. National health care spending is projected to increase about 5.1 % from 2010 to 2020. A more efficient model to health care spending is important to slow the growth of national health care spending. Proposed ideas to reduce the spending are: Shift from a fee for service model to a bundled payment for services; improve health care quality and outcomes; and increase investment in preventing disease and public health initiatives. The Affordable Care Act has increased the interest in accountable care organizations (ACO). An ACO entails different health providers that work together and are accountable for the quality, cost and coordination of care for a group of patients.

Taking into account different organizational management strategies that would lead to the implementation of an ACO, I believe that HealthCare Partners (HCP) is in the best position to be successful. HCP has a strong, stable leadership structure and organizational culture, an established and integrated information technology infrastructure, physician support; care coordination capabilities and a process to measure and report quality of care.

Leadership and organizational culture: HCP has a strong leadership track record; the founders of the medical group are still in leadership positions. The leaders of HCP promote a culture of openness, accountability and teamwork. The organization encourages a culture of ownership by rewarding physicians for effectively and consistency coordinating care for their patients. HCP has formed internal and external steering committees to guide the implementation of the ACO. This shows that its members are actively involved in the process and will be part of the leadership of the ACO. Furthermore, the organization encourages innovation and has been involved in national projects to...
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