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Topics: Easter, Mary Magdalene, Resurrection of Jesus Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: November 2, 2014
Cultural Review

Growing up in a home where we would attend church every Sunday was a blessing. I attended private school up until 5th grade and received the best education my mother could possibly provide for me until I graduated high school. I now look back and can only thank my mother for everything she did to assure that I received the best in every aspect of my life. My sister and I would go out every year and purchase beautiful gowns and suits for the joyous Easter Sunday. Being the fact my granddad was the Pastor of his own church it was tradition that we attend his church every year for Easter Sunday.

On this Easter Morning, we get to experience the warmth and excitement of the glorious resurrection of Christ Jesus. A resurrection that changed the world brought hope to all people and ultimately saved human kind. A resurrection, so important, that billions of people gather in churches all over the world today to celebrate the occasion. Two thousand years ago, Mary Magdalene also celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ as her savior stood before her three days after his death. It was not a famous official, or a group of respectable men that Jesus first appeared to. He did not run out into the center of town professing the salvation of man. He appeared to a confused and lonely woman as she wept by the side of his empty tomb. In the time of Jesus, women were not allowed to testify in court. Women's accounts of a story we not nearly as reliable as a mans. And not only was Mary a woman, but Mary had a pretty bad reputation around town. Mary had been a prostitute, she was considered a sinner and a lowlife and was not accepted by the community. Mary was one of the most unlikely people to have the messiah first appear to after his resurrection which makes the story of Jesus' resurrection even more powerful to readers.

Upon entering the church you are greeted by the lovely greeters and your eyes are instantly wrapped around the beautiful décor of the...
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