Formal and Informal Communication

Topics: Hierarchy, Communication, Structure Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: November 11, 2010
Formal and informal communication structures in the organization

In order for order there to be effective communication in the organization there have to be good balance of formal and informal communication in the organization. Informal and formal communications are different in many ways but both exist in organizations. They both have their advantages and disadvantages but as we are about to discuss you will see why the organization cannot function without either one of them. Formal communication occurs when person in the organization communicate using formal channels of the organization structure along the lines of authority established by the management. Matters under this communication are official and to the point. Things are done using pacific procedures and rules which must be followed. Informal communication on the other hand is much less official and rule driven. It is related to the social needs of the employee, does not follow the authoritarian line, employee communicate under more casual situations, usually although not always oral. There are many different type and forms of formal and informal communication, let us take a look at a few of them. Departmental meetings, conferences, telephone calls (for business use), company news bulletins, special interviews and special purpose publications are forms of formal communication. The most common form of informal communication is the grapevine. Gossip, rumors and other unofficial information passes through the grapevine and it give the employees a chance to express personal feels like or dislikes in the organization. The structure or the way in which communication flows is also important to the effectiveness communication in the organization. In formal communication there are four main types. These include upward, downward and horizontal. Downwards flow of communication means that the message is being sent from higher levels like managers or supervisors to person in the lower levels like subordinates...
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