Formal Analysis of Art

Topics: Vincent van Gogh, Museo del Prado, The Starry Night Pages: 3 (1141 words) Published: December 13, 2014
 Formal Analysis of Art Nancy H. Wieczorek
Arina Melkozemova
University of Phoenix
September 28, 2014
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Formal Analysis Question 1

Van Gogh Gallery, 1889) (Every stock photo, 1968) When comparing Vincent Van Gogh's " Starry Night "painting lines to Sol Lewitt's The Wall Drawing No. 681, the lines are in opposition with each other. In the " Starry Night "painting the lines of the sky are vastly wavy and flowing. The lines of the buildings in the painting are traditional straight. Vincent Van Gogh in this painting is providing you an image that he has had during his period that he was in an asylum. When you look at the painting "Starry Night," the lines in the sky are very unstable, they are all over the place and full of emotions. We can tell that the artist was having a difficult time with his feeling, that he was unstable when he painted this part of the painting. You can see how contempt the artist was when he painted the buildings. How much at peace he was with himself, yet with the sky we do not see the same peace. The sky is not peaceful, yet the buildings are. We can see that the artist Vincent Van Gogh was fighting with himself and it show in his painting" The Starry Night." In "The Wall Drawing No.681," you can see that the lines that the Lewitt's used was straight and exact lines. In the painting, the lines seem to be mathematical. In line is the same design, length, and have the same amount of space between each line. When you look at each one of the lines, you notice that the colors are used more than once throughout the painting. The tense of the color does change throughout the painting. The lines in this painting can be seen to be vastly organized and straight. We can tell that the artist was in control of his feelings and that he was not...
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