Form 1 Science

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Chapter 1 Introduction To Science
1.1 Science is Part of Everyday Life
1.2 Steps in a Scientific investigation
1.3 Physical Quantities and Their Units
1.4 The Use of Measuring Tools
1.5 The Concept of Mass and Weight
What is science?
* Science is a study of the natural environment and natural phenomena. * Science enables us to understand events which take place in our everyday life. * Understanding natural events helps us to avoid disasters, overcome problems and lives a more comfortable life. * Science is always expanding because scientists are always trying to find answer to their many questions about the environment. Examples of natural phenomena

* Formation of ice
* Eruption of a volcano
* Germination of seed
* Growth of living things
Uses and benefits of science
* Our knowledge of science has given us many benefits.
* Technology is the application of our scientific knowledge to help us in our daily work. * Science and technology have greatly helped to make life easier for us and to make us live longer.

Chapter 1 Introduction To Science
Leisure : Science enables us to enjoy our leisure by having inventions such as the radio, television, motor vehicles and computers. Easier work : Science makes our work easier. Machines such as washing machines, and microwave ovens help us to do our work faster and use less energy. Construction : Buildings, condominiums, supermarkets, bridges, dams and roads are being built very fast due to the use of science and modern technology. Agriculture : Science has provided farmers with machines such as tractors which can plough their land quickly and effectively. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides formulated by scientists have increased the yields from crops. Transport : Science has invented machines which enable us to move over land (motor vehicles), on water (ships), under the sea (submarines) and in the air (aeroplane) very quickly and safely. Medicine : Science has discovered new drugs to fight diseases effectively. Science has enabled surgeons to perform open heart surgery and to transplant organs from one person to another. All this has increased our life expectancy. Communication : Science has made it possible for us to communicate with people in far away countries due to inventions such as the mobile phone, television, Internet and Information Communication Technology (ICT). Space Exploration : Modern science and technology have enabled astronauts to travel into outer space and study the planets and the Universe.

Careers in science
* Science has many branches. Each branch deals with one particular aspect of our natural environment. * Each branch of science offers many careers in specialized jobs. * Some branches of science are given below.

Biology| |
Botany| |
Zoology| |
Physics| |
Electronics| |
Chemistry| |
Pharmacy| |
Medicine| |
Geology| |
Meteorology| |
Astronomy| |

Chapter 1 Introduction To Science
Some careers in Science

A Science Laboratory
* Scientists can work anywhere. A scientists studying tropical plants and animal for example, could make the Malaysian jungle his laboratory. However, most scientist do their experiment in laboratory. * However, some chemical are dangerous. We need to handle these chemical carefully. We need to know about safety in laboratory. Hazardous symbols

Chapter 1 Introduction To Science

Common laboratory apparatus

Chapter 1 Introduction To Science


Chapter 1 Introduction To Science
Way to use Bunsen burner
* Close the air hole completely by turning the collar.
* Hold a lighted match or wooden splinter near the mouth of barrel. * Turn on the gas slowly.
* When the flame is seen, slowly open the air hole by turning the collar. Bunsen burner

Luminous flame versus non-luminous...
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