Technology-Yesterday and Today

Topics: Stone Age, Paleolithic, Upper Paleolithic Pages: 5 (1577 words) Published: September 30, 2014
Technology is a Greek word that has two parts. The first part is ‘techno’ and the second one is ‘logia’. Techno means an art or skill that can be made by the hand. Logia mean modification, or use of knowledge of tools and machines to perform a task. In other words, technology is a complex word that describes a process where simple tools and machines can be used to improve life. It involves the knowledge and use of tools and machines to solve problems in an organized and schematic manner. As an art and science, technology is an ever improving process that aims at providing machines and other complex tools to replace human labor in the work place. Through technology, technicians, scientists, and other stake holders are able to change the world in any sector. These sectors might include information technology, construction, and medical technology. Technology has a lot to do with science. In fact, some people have claimed that the two are inseparable. Indeed, this is true. Through science, people are able to learn about atoms, electrons and other molecules. Technology then manipulates these molecules to create machine which ease life (Salter, 2010). Therefore, technology is an ever changing entity. It keeps growing everyday with the invention of new materials and elements. In this manner, one needs to differentiate the types of technology. Ideally, two types exist; yesterday’s and today’s. There is another type known as future technology. In this paper, the first two will be discussed and show how they are related to each other.

Yesterday’s technology and its evolution
This type refers to the past. It does not deal with the present, but involves the beginning of mankind all the way to just a few years ago. Yesterday’s technology is like history. It began thousands of years ago and has been evolving over the years. Technology is said to have started with the invention of fire by the Homo erectus more than twenty two hundred thousand years ago. However, this might not be true since man started developing tools even before he invented fire. A precise beginning can be related to the early Stone Age, when man started developing crude weapons and tools for hunting and gathering. This must have been the Paleolithic period, which span from 2.5 million years to about 10,000 BC. From early Stone Age, man moved with technology to the middle stone age. Here, man realizes the opportunity that stone offers. He starts developing flints and stone knives to kill large animals for food. He then invents fire to help in coking of meat and sharpening hunting knives. At this point in time, man is living in caves (Salter, 2010). In the late Stone Age man has realized the potential of stone in producing larger and bigger tools and weapons. He then develops language and society. This indeed is technology. From Stone Age, technology heads towards Mesopotamia where the wheel is invented to ease movement of goods, people and services. It is important to note that development of the wheel is one of the most important steps in the history of mankind and technology.At this point in time, the Sumerians and Egyptians had also started developing writing in papyrus. The invention of writing was indeed a form of revolution as it created the urge for knowledge and education leading to a series of inventions. Some of the important inventions during the yester years included the invention of telescope by Galileo, invention of steam engine by Stevenson, the invention of telephone by Alexander Graham Bell as well as the invention of electricity by Michael Faraday. Many other people also started studying other disciplines in order to gain knowledge on how some phenomenon worked. Of importance were Isaac Newton and his law of gravity, as well as Archimedes and his law of floatation. In the agricultural sector, the Agrarian revolution saw increase in technology with people like Jethrow Tull inventing the ox drawn plough. Yesterday’s technology has evolved a...
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