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Topics: Forgiveness, Hatred, Writing Pages: 2 (294 words) Published: April 27, 2015

A Piece of Paper: Throw it or Keep it?
To forgive is to forget – a famous line from a famous song. If someone would ask me this question, would I rather be forgotten or hatefully remembered? I’d simply choose to be forgotten.
To be forgotten by someone is painful but to be hatefully remembered by someone is more painful. Forgetting takes time and hatefully remembering someone takes a lifetime. Forgetting is forgiving and hatefully remembering would simply mean that you’re not a forgiving person. An unforgiving person would rather carry the burden than simply saying “You’re forgiven.” Forgetting someone takes a lot of courage and strength while hatefully remembering means that you’re weak and can’t accept that people commit mistakes.

Choosing between being forgotten or hatefully remembered is just like the concept of choosing whether to throw a piece of scratch paper or keeping it. If you throw that piece of scratch paper, you wouldn’t see it again and hence, the mistakes you’ve done in that scratch paper would be totally erased while if you choose to keep it and read the writings full of mistakes, you would probably hate it because you can’t accept those mistakes you’ve done in that scratch paper. Just like choosing whether if you’d rather be forgotten or hatefully remembered, throwing the scratch paper would mean throwing and forgetting all the memories that come with it while keeping it means remembering every mistake you’ve done and continue hating everything that is written in that scratch paper. If I would be that piece of paper, I’d rather be thrown and forgotten, for the memories and mistakes I’ve done would be totally erased and gone forever than be kept and remembered by someone but continuously hated for what I have done.
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