Ford Motor

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Ford Motor Company


Morten Anders Rosenkrands

Table of contents

1. Introduction2
2. What is the history of the Ford Motor Company till today?3 3. Why is the Ford losing market shares in Denmark?4
4. What can ford do to counter act this?5
5. What are the Ford Motor Companies plans for the future?5 6. Conclusion6
7. Literature list7

1. Introduction

In the last 100 years The Ford Motor Company has been a leading contributor to the motor industry because of its dedication to create and design cars for the future. Today Ford is losing out on some of the markets in Europe and I would like to find out why?

In the following text I would like to analyze what is the history of the Ford motor Company today? Because I think it is important to look back in time to good understand how it all came to be. I would also like to analyze why is Ford losing market shares in Denmark? And further more what can Ford do to counteract this? To end it all of I am going to write about what are the Ford Motor Companies plans for the future? This should cover the question why the Ford motor Company is losing out on some of the Markets in Europe.

In the text in have limited down to why is Ford losing market shares in Denmark? Because if I had taken the Ford Motor Company it would have included other motor companies like Volvo, Mazda, Lincon, Mercury, Land Rover, Jaguar and Aston Martin, and that would have been to extensive.

2. What is the history of the Ford Motor Company till today?

It all started in a tiny wagon shop in Detroit staffed with about 10 people. This was the place where the second largest motor company in the world had it’s beginning. The first car the company ever made was sold to a Detroit physician. He purchased a model A Ford just one month after the company had begun.

But due to failure of the model A the company was in trouble and something had to be done so the company lunched the model T which immediately became one of Ford biggest success. After 20 years of production the model T was taken off the production line. At the time Ford had sold more than a million model T’s.

In 1919 Henry Ford and the companies stockholders got in a fight and they demanded that Henry Ford was taken of the post as president of the company. Henry Ford had no choice and then had to leave his company but the blood stayed in the company because Henry Ford’s son Edsel Ford took over the company. Henry Ford was not company president any more but still played a vital role in Ford because he was now head chairman.

People at the time where looking for something more stylish and the model T was not it. So after the production had stooped the company went back and began production of the first model A again because it was a more stylish car but before production started it had under gone a vast improvement. In the next 4 years 4,5 million model A’s rolled of the assembly line.

Ford buys Lincon.

In the 1930s people began to demand more from their cars. They wanted luxury and power and that was exactly what Ford gave them with the Mercury, which was a whole new concept for Ford. Ford had now succeeded in becoming a company that made cars for the middle class. Before that Ford was more for the lower classes of society because of the price. Ford had in the previous years been so cheap that standards had fallen.

1945 Henrys son Edsel Ford, Fords president at the time, dies because of a car accident and Henry Ford now has to go back in the seat as Ford Motor Company’s president but at that time Henry is old and worn out so after 2 years as president Henry’s grand son Henry Ford II becomes president of the company.

2 years later Henry Ford dies as and old man at the age of 83.

Edsel Ford remained president until 1960 where he stepped back and became executive officer until 1980. Edsel Ford dies in 1997.

1979 Ford buys Mazda
1987 Ford buys Aston...
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