For Nelson Mandela

Topics: South Africa, South Africa under apartheid, African National Congress Pages: 3 (1163 words) Published: March 12, 2015
“For Nelson Mandela, his personal suffering was not as important as the determination to serve his people” Nelson Mandela the South African leader who struggled successfully to free his people from the oppressive White minority rule is regarded today as one of the greatest leaders of our times. Until very recently Nelson Mandela’s country South Africa was ruled by a White minority (less than 20%) who kept the Black majority in a permanent state of suppression, denying them the vote and proper educational and health facilities. They justified their rule calling it a policy of Apartheid; separation of races. Therefore the vast majority of the Blacks had no alternative but to engage in low income menial jobs. Mandela led some of the other very few Blacks who received a higher education and formed the African National Congress (the ANC) to free his people and win citizenship rights for them. These activities led to his arrest,trial and imprisonment for 27 years as an anti Apartheid government activist.It was when Mandela was in prison that he wrote his autobiography “Long Walk to Freedom”.While he was imprisoned he underwent great personal hardship and mental agony. At First Mandela was greatly troubled by the conflict in his mind. – Whether to look after his family or to save his country from the white rulers. He says “ In South Africa it is hard for a man to ignore the needs of the people even at the expense of his own family, I had made my choice, We can see from his life story that his choice was to serve people. He had a strong sense of purpose and determination, even while enduring great physical and mental hardship, he did not give up his purpose. The first family tragedy he had to experience while he was in prison was the death of his mother whom he loved very much. The reason for mother’s premature death is the poverty and tension he faced because of Mandela’s imprisonment, The reason for Mandela’s imprisonment was his prime concern for his people....
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