For Enrollment Proceedures

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For enrollment procedures, the payment of the Admission fee, Tuition fee, AP House entrance fee, Comprehensive Renter's Insurance and money deposit (if applicable) is necessary. Please ensure that you have sufficient financial abilities before application. For successful applicants, the invoice for the enrollment procedure fees will be sent along with the application results. It is compulsory for prospective enrollees to pay the stated fees in the invoice before the payment deadline. In case of failure to pay before the deadline, acceptance will be revoked. If there are no exceptions, the fee deadline will be set about one month after the release of results.

130,000 Japanese Yen or 1,460 US Dollars
The Admission Fee will not be refunded under any circumstances.

APU tuition fee is made up of two types of tuition fees, Tuition A (fixed) and Tuition B (credit-based).Tuition B (credit-based) is based on the number of credits stated in the APU course registration model, and not the actual number of registered credits. First Year Tuition Fees

 | 2011 Spring Semester
(April-September)| 2011 Fall Semester
(September-March)| Total|
| Tuition A| Tuition B| Tuition A| Tuition B| |
1st Year Enrollee| 342,000yen| 307,500yen| 342,000yen| 307,500yen| 1,299,000yen| 2nd Year Transfer| 342,000yen| 369,000yen| 342,000yen| 369,000yen| 1,422,000yen| 3rd Year Transfer| 342,000yen| 369,000yen| 342,000yen| 369,000yen| 1,422,000yen| (Tuition fee for 2011 April enrollees without APU tuition reduction scholarship) Tuition A for 2011 (Fixed)...342,000yen/semester

Tuition B for 2011 (Credit-based)...20,500yen/credit
*Students awarded with the APU tuition reduction scholarship will have their tuition fees reduced according to the percentage of scholarship awarded. Please refer to the "Scholarship System" for more details.. Annual Tuition Fee till Graduation

 | 1st Year| 2nd Year| 3rd Year| 4th Year|
1st Year
Enrollee| 2011 Spring|...
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