Footwear Industry

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Publication date: April 2008

Report summary

This CBI market survey discusses the following highlights for the footwear market in the Netherlands:

. Dutch consumption of footwear was € 2,413 million in 2006, or 70 million pairs, up by an annual average of 1.3% over the period, while production fell by 7.5% to € 82 million or 3 million pairs.

. In 2006, the Netherlands imported footwear valued at € 1,793 million, or 191 million pairs. Since 2002 values are up by 3.2% but volumes are up by an average annual rate of 9%. . More than 47% of imports by value (€ 852 million) came from developing countries (76% by volume or 145 million pairs). The share of imports by developing countries is up from

41% in 2002 in value (€ 653 million), and up from 64% (86 million pairs) in volume terms. The Netherlands¡¯ reliance on imports and its important role as an entry point for onward supplies to other EU countries makes this an important country for exporters.

This survey provides exporters of footwear with sector-specific market information related to gaining access to the Netherlands. By focusing on a specific country, this survey provides additional information, complementary to the more general information and data provided

in the CBI market survey ¡®The footwear market in the EU¡¯, which covers the EU market in general. That survey also contains an overview and explanation of the selected products dealt with, some general remarks on the statistics used, as well as information on other available documents for this sector. It can be downloaded from

1 Market description: consumption and production


The Dutch market for footwear was worth € 2,413 million in 2006, equivalent to 70 million pairs. The Netherlands is the sixth largest EU market for footwear. It is smaller in size than

the five largest markets, Germany, France, the UK, Italy and Spain. The Netherlands accounts for 4.8% of EU footwear consumption (3.3% by volume).

Over the review period the market has increased by an annual average of 1.3% in value but increased by 2.2% in volume. This was below the EU average of 1.9% in value, and virtually equal to the average market volume increase of 2.3%. 2006 was a very good year for the Dutch footwear market. It increased strongly after reversals in earlier years.

Table 1.1 Consumption of footwear in the Netherlands, 2002-2006,

€ million / millions of pairs







per capita €















Source: Euromonitor, HBD, Mitex (2007)

Per capita consumption of € 148 is well above the EU average of € 102. However Dutch volume consumption was similar to the EU average, indicating higher than average prices,

or a demand for higher quality footwear in the Netherlands. Compared to the average EU consumer, the Dutch are quite sensitive to fashion trends and style. At the same time, footwear should be practical and they regard comfort most highly. However, there are indications that fashion and style are gradually becoming more important in purchasing decisions.

The major driver of the market growth in 2006 was increased sales of luxury and quality footwear, as men in particular have shown more interest in the high end of the market. Men¡¯s footwear saw the strongest growth in 2006, as it is most sensitive to the general economic conditions.

The peak periods in the Netherlands for footwear sales usually occur in April/May and in September. There is a particular peak for children¡¯s footwear in September as this is the ¡°back to school¡± period....
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