Football Media Guides

Topics: Arizona, Southeastern Conference, Bear Bryant Pages: 4 (1106 words) Published: October 27, 2013
Football Media Guides

After reviewing the University of Arizona’s and the University of Alabama’s Football Media Guides, I have found that there are noticeable differences between the two. The most evident differences were theme, layout and use of pictures. Contrasting Alabama’s striking layout, evident theme and their commanding use of pictures, to Arizona’s difficult to read and impossible to navigate guide, the differentiation between the two is inevitable.

The University of Alabama based their Football Media Guide off of one central theme. Alabama. Reading through the Guide there was never a moment that the reader forgot what school and program they were reading about. In addition to previewing the football season, statistical and player information alike, Alabama’s Media Guide capitalized on the school itself showing the audience that they are not only a football school, but a school of greater social and academic programs. This not only betters the “Bama” reputation in the minds of the public, but also gives PR personnel added information to create a more in-depth story. The University of Arizona’s Football Media Guide was filled with useful information to report a story. Yet, if any PR agencies were looking to praise Arizona for anything other than the Football Program, the Media Guide would be of no help. There is nothing written about the UA academics, social life or history.

Paul W. “Bear” Bryant from the University of Alabama contributed to the creation of the Football program that “Bama” knows today. This important history is included in its own section of the Media Guide giving readers an opportunity to connect with the foundations of the school. Unfortunately, the University of Arizona’s legendary coach and Athletic Director James Fred “Pop” McKale is no where to be found throughout the Guide. McKale is one of the most essential pieces to the structure of, not only the Football program, but the entirety of the University. His history and...
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