Food Wastage

Topics: Food, Malnutrition, Famine Pages: 2 (679 words) Published: July 28, 2010
Title: Avoid Food Wastage
General purpose: To persuade
At the end of the speech, the audience should:
1. Aware on global food shortage.
2. Know how much food is being wasted.
3. Change their attitude towards food wastage.
Proposition:People should not waste food.
1. It is hard to produce food.
a) Food takes time to grow and mature. Besides this, there are a lot of factors that contribute towards the production of food. i. Temperature and rainfall are critical elements determining when and how often crops can be sown. While some Asian countries are able to harvest three times in a single year, food production nearly halts during dry seasons in many tropical zones and during winter cold in temperate areas. (DeRose, Messer & Millman, 1998) b) It cost a lot to maintain a good production of food. i. Investments in agricultural intensification, including higher-yield-potential seeds, fertilizers, water management and chemicals for pest control, are costly and make it unlikely that they will be easily or widely available for use by poorer farmers and countries. (DeRose, Messer & Millman, 1998) c) We are starting to lack food production area to support civilizations. i. South Korea's Daewoo Logistics announced last month that it has signed a 99-year lease on 3.2 million acres of land in Madagascar, which it will use to produce corn and palm oil for shipment home. (Goering, 2008) ii. The rush to buy or enter long-term leases on land has been fueled in part by the low levels of world grain stocks, despite record harvests this year, and by a growing sense that world markets cannot be trusted to supply adequate grain. (Goering, 2008) 2. People are wasting a lot of food.

d) In different occasions, people waste food.
i. A significant proportion of food waste is produced by the domestic household, which, in 2007, created 6,700,000 tonnes of food waste. Potatoes, bread slices and apples...
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