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Food is the basics for every human life since most of the health problems have a nutritional implication, hence it has the basis from the food we eat and how technology is used to manage the quality of food. Therefore, in order to maintain good health and avoid deficiency disease, Food science and technology is important. Food is anything edible, non toxic, be it liquid or solid when ingested, digested and absorbed can perform at least one of the following; 1. Provision of energy and needs

2. Protection of the body against diseases
3. Regulation of body processes
4. Body building (growth and maintenance of body cells)
Science is the process of acquiring knowledge through observation, experimentation and evaluation to come out with facts. FOOD SCIENCE:
It is the scientific study of the physical, chemical, and biological component of food. The chemical components of food –entails its chemical component. For instance, carbohydrate is composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Protein synthesized from basic units called amino acids are made up of Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen and sulphur whiles lipids may contain the same chemical composition as carbohydrate. The physical composition entails its appearance such as texture and colour of the food. The biological composition consists of living organisms that are associated with the food as well as the nutrient content and how the body utilizes them. Technology is the use of scientific knowledge and equipment in making work easier, faster and convenient. In recent times technology has been applied in food science and this is termed as food technology. FOOD TECHNOLOGY:

It exploits the information obtained from food science so that food of better quality is grown, harvested, stored, processed, preserved and transported on both large and small scale. BENEFITS OF FOOD SCIENCE:

1. Food science helps us in knowing the...
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