Food Safety and Information Bulletin

Topics: Nutrition, Health, Food safety Pages: 3 (677 words) Published: April 21, 2011
SCI/220 Human Nutrition
Week 5
August 17, 2010

I. Introduction

II. Identify some common safety issues related to food purchase, storage and preparation.

III. What is Food Safety

IV. What criteria might the readers use to determine sources of credible nutritional information

V. Conclusion


  Nutrition is the relationship of foods to the health of the human body. Proper nutrition means that you are receiving enough foods and supplements for the body to function at optimal capacity. It is important to remember that no single nutrient or activity can maintain optimal health and wellbeing, although it has been proven that some nutrients are more important than others. All of the nutrients are necessary in different amounts along with exercise to maintain proper health.

Identify some common safety issues related to food purchase, storage and preparation.

It is upsetting to think about, but the foods you eat to stay healthy can make you sick. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to protect yourself and your family from foodborne illness. There are things you can do in the grocery store, like avoiding cans that are bulging or jars that have cracks or loose lids. At home, you should

• Be sure that your refrigerator and freezer are the right temperature for storing food • Refrigerate or freeze perishable foods right away • Throw away anything that looks or smells suspicious. If you think a food might be bad, don't taste it! • Wash your hands well before preparing food

• Keep your work area, wash rags and utensils clean • Cook meats thoroughly

What is Food Safety?
Food Safety is all conditions and actions necessary to ensure the safety of food at all stages. This refers to the conditions and practices to prevent contamination and food-borne illnesses. (FDA) Food safety is an essential health function. Food can be...

References: MedLine Plus Trusted Health Information for You (2010). Food Safety.  Retrieved from http://MedLine Plus.
Food Safety and Information Bulletin
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