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1.Introduction: include brief description of background, purpose of the focus group, marketing research problem, and detailed focus group objectives (ie. What are the marketing research objectives for this piece of research?) 2.Method and Procedures: discuss how the focus group was implemented: the composition of the focus group; where, when and how the focus group was conducted 3.Summary of Findings: briefly outline the key findings of your focus group, reactions, perceptions, and add in one or two verbatim comments from the respondents to support your preliminary analysis 4.Implications: What are the implications of your findings, how have your findings addressed your objectives. What recommendations for future research would you make? 1:purpose of the focus group :A focus group is basically a way to reach out to your potential users for feedback and comment. Organizations generally use focus groups in planning, marketing, or evaluation, either to improve some specific product or service or, more globally, during the development of strategic plans or mission statements. Specifically, the a focus group session concentrates on: • Gathering opinions, beliefs, and attitudes about issues of interest to your organization • Testing your assumptions

• Encouraging discussion about a particular topic
• Building excitement from spontaneous combination of participants' comments • Providing an opportunity to learn more about a topic or issue. marketing research problem:determine if the suvvey tunes should charge or not 2: Choose the location

You Need a setting which can accommodate the participants and where they would feel comfortable expressing their opinions. When choosing a location, ask these questions: 
What message does the setting send?
Does the setting encourage conversation?
How would the setting affect the information gathered? Will the setting bias the information offered? Can it comfortably accommodate nine to fifteen people (six to twelve...
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