Topics: Intelligence quotient, Flynn effect, Intelligence Pages: 1 (272 words) Published: April 29, 2015 you believe people are really getting smarter? Why or why not? yes, I do believe that people are getting smarter day by day this is because today we have a better education as compared to our parents. We have better facilities of life (our living standard has been improved) and the advancement In the technological factors today like Computers, mobile phones, television, internet etc have made our world a global village today we have access to all the information of the world these advancements in the technological factors are influencing our brains to work like computers

2.which of the factors explaining the Flynn effect do you accept? All the factors explaining the Flynn effect are true to some extent, they do have an impact but I think the factor of Education is more dominant than other factors because I believe that intelligence and wisdom comes from education. A person who is high-educated and a person who isn't, can’t be equal in their mental ability.

3.If the Flynn effect is true, does this undermine the theory that IQ is mostly inherited? Why or why not?

It is generally accepted that intelligence is not inherited but can be related to the environment . None of us was born with a huge IQ or with low IQ . Just because the parents of a child are intelligent does not mean that their child will be as intelligent as they are. But it depends on the environment we grow up . If we make use of the potential we have inherited or not . Intelligence can be trained even when we have already become adults .
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