Florence Nightingale

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Florence Nightingale
Born in 1820 to a wealthy family, Florence was educated at home by her father. She aspired to serve others, in particular she wanted to become a nurse. Her parents were opposed - at that time, nursing was not seen as a respectable profession. Despite her parents disapproval, Florence went ahead and trained to be a nurse. In 1853, the Crimea war broke out.The war was too terrifying that many soldiers were wounded and dying without proper first aids. Later in 1855, Florence Nightingale was asked to travel to the Crimea and organise a group of nurses. Many of the initial applicants were unsuitable and Florence was strict in selecting and training the other nurses. Florence was very gald to be able to take up the post and put into use her training as a nurse. They were based at the staff hospital at Scutari. She was overwhelmed by the primitive and chaotic conditions. There were insufficient beds for the men and conditions were terrible; the place smelt, was dirty, and even had rats running around spreading disease. In the beginning, the nurses were not even allowed to treat the dying men, they were only instructed to clean the hospital. But, eventually the number of casualties became so overwhelming the doctors asked Florence and her team of nurses to help. Florence's attitude included strict discipline for her other nurses, who always wore a highly visible uniform. The efforts of Florence and her team of nurses were greatly appreciated by the wounded soldiers and gradually positive news reports filtered back home. By the time she returned home she had become a national heroine and was decorated with numerous awards including one from Queen Victoria. She also gained the nickname "The Lady with the Lamp" After the war, she didn't really appreciate the fame, but continued to work for the improvement of hospital conditions, writing to influential people encouraging them to improve hygiene standards in hospitals. She also founded a training...
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