Floor Systems

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01 floor system

The idea of a Floor System

Floor system are a building’s primary element supports both loads: a) Live load- I.e people, movable equipment) b) Dead loads-(weight of floor construction itself) Floor system transfers loads to: beam column or bearing walls.

A construction, on ground level or at an upper level of a building or structure, on which people walk or place furniture or appliances. It is part of a room or space that forms it’s lower enclosing surface.

01 floor system

A floor system may composed of: series of linear beams and joist overlaid with a plane of sheathing OR Homogeneous slab of reinforced concrete To distinct components of the floor are: 1. A sub-floor / base course 2. Floor covering Material used for ground floor construction are: -bricks -Stones -wood -concrete

01 floor system

The depth of the floor construction and the opening with in it should be considered if it is to accommodate mechanical or electrical line with in the floor system.

Factors to consider in selection of a floor finish and system include: Durability Resistance maintenance

01 floor system
Functional requirement The floor must satisfy a number of requirements in its design and construction. The requirement are: 1.Strength and Stability A part of the structure element of the building to form a rigid component. Must be strong to withstand impact and superimposed dead & live loads. No movement. 2.Fire resistance Prevent the spread of fire. Must not be readily combustible. 3.Damp resistance Moisture will take the floor damp, cool and uncomfortable and may cause decay to the floor finish(I.e timber & carpet) 4.Sound insulation Thickness and type of joints design affect transmission of sound . Degree of sound insulation depend on the type of building. 5.Thermal insulation In cold countries, the floor design will determine the type of insulation.

01 floor system
Come in essentially the following types:

These are generally concrete, in some cultures they are mud.

Framed floors
These consist of timber framed and steel framed.

Suspended floors
These can be any of the above three. Slabs

01 floor system

Concrete floor
There are 4 main reasons why we use a concrete floor slab:
Economy – cheap, abundance Easy and familiarity – used thousands of years, very familiar construction technique. Flexibility of available finishes – carpet, tiles, timber floor, vinyl tiles etc. Strength and durability – combine with steel to have a very high compression strength. Low in tensile strength but use steel reinforcement to increase tensile strength.

01 floor system

Concrete floor

A concrete slab has 2 main functions;
1. To transmit the superimposed loads to the supporting ground, spreading point loads to ensure bearing capacity of the ground is not exceeded. 2. To receive a floor finish appropriate to the user’s needs

01 floor system

What is Concrete?
Concrete – A General Definition A conglomerated artificial stone like material made by mixing cement, water and aggregates in specified proportions, sometimes with chemical admixtures added, and pouring the mixture into forms to set and harden. Concrete is either mixed on site, or delivered by mixer trucks in a plastic state ready for use. Concrete properties can be modified by changes in the proportions of the constituents materials, or by the use of additives. For structural purposes concrete is reinforced with steel bars or fabric,

to overcome the low tensile strength of plain concrete.

01 floor system

Concrete floor

The thickness of the slab and the reinforcement we are going to use, are determined by • • • an analysis of existing soil condition fill material and type of loading

01 floor system

Concrete floor
Factors of difficulties

These interesting factors are as follows;
1.Large slabs of concrete expand and contract with changes in heat...
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