Flextronics Case

Topics: Decision making, Decision theory Pages: 4 (1236 words) Published: October 4, 2010
Management of Organizations

Individual Case Analysis

Flextronics Case;
Deciding on a shop-floor system for producing the Microsoft Xbox; What actions should McCuster take to reach a decision? Why should he take those decisions?

Its Decision time
Flextronics prides in a work culture that values fast and very decisive actions. Jim McCusker is at the epicenter of a task conflict. This group decision making process of choosing a shop floor system has to be completed and fast. Time is running out and the geographical distance between the locations is a challenge. Bringing all parties together through teleconferencing offers him a great way forward. Datasweep Software shop floor system is the best alternative. The Best Approach

Since all the players have seemingly good reasons as to why they prefer each system currently in use, McCuster should involve the company CEO, Michael Marks in convincing Humphrey Porter and his team to adopt the Datasweep Software. He needs to involve his line managers in getting Marks to personally communicate this decision to Porter and his European team. This shall guarantee the authority, credibility and allow for speedy execution of the task. It is March, and McCuster needs to have ensured that the Xbox video game console is in the retailers’ shelves by October in readiness for the holiday season. At stake is a key customer that is increasingly getting impatient with an earlier arrangement to have a product ready on time. Decision; Install Datasweep System in Hungary and Train the Engineers there Given the existing scenarios today and the weight of the decision to be made, McCuster should move with speed to have the Datasweep system installed in Hungary as well, so that the entire company have a uniform floor system not only for Microsoft’s immediate needs but also for future global business competitiveness. The ensuing discussion is my analysis as to why I am convinced this is the best alternative to pursue. However, in...
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