Flavio’s Home Summary

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Gordon Parks is a photographer who has an assignment in Rio de Janeiro to find and report about an impoverished father with his family; but in his way he found a twelve years old boy called Flavio and he wrote “Flavio’s Home” story. Flavio’s Home is taken from Voices in the Mirror parks’ 1990 autobiography.

Flavio’s Home story started in Slums on outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil when Gordon parks and Jose Gallo were looking for a father with his family to report detailed life such as the father’s financial situation, political leaning, and religion; however; when they were in the way looking for a father they met Flavio. “Flavio was miserably thin, naked but for filthy denim shorts. His legs resembled sticks covered with skin and screwed into his feet. Death was all over him, in his sunken eyes, cheeks and jaundiced coloring” Parks said. Flavio condition turn parks attention to a new story. Parks and Gallo followed Flavio to his home on top of mountainside and discovered how bad the situation was. Flavio’s home reveal a twelve years old boy was like a father for six kids with a lot of responsibilities. When they arrived Flavio started introduce his brothers and sisters. Then Flavio prepared to cook by washing rice. He asked his brothers and sisters to wash up by using the finished water from rice washing. Then he washed dirty floor and washed himself with the rest of the water. He put some beans on the stove to warm and told his sister I would be back shortly but don’t let the beans burn. He came back with wood and took a few minutes rest then he went to get water. After he came back his parent came in he already told them about Parks and Gallo. The mother was pregnant and the angry father who everyone is afraid of him sat at dinner, which Flavio served. “Flavio edged his rice and beans toward us, gesturing for us to take some. We refused. He smiled, knowing we understood.” Parks said.

Then, parks and Gallo reached to the point where they asked for the

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