A Brooklyn Family Tale

Topics: Family, Father, Mother Pages: 2 (763 words) Published: March 14, 2013
The whole movie deals with emotions and how they grow up in that environment and that reflects in next generation’s life. Their perceptions are a lot different from my culture. One thing that I felt from this movie is whatever you see from parents or elder siblings, most of the time you will follow that way and it’s also happen in my culture also. Twenty years ago at about the same time that "Cisco" and "Stingray" Santiago became leaders of the notorious Assassination gang and Luis also became a gang leader. That movie is also a great example of emotional intelligence. This movie is kind of empathetic. This moving chronicle of one family coping with violence, teenage pregnancy, and school failure mirrors the struggles of families in embattled urban communities all over the country. In that movie, family members are Cisco Santiago, his sister Rosa Cruz, her husband Benny Cruz, her daughter Elena Castro and son Luis Castro from her previous marriage. I could not see any bond with Rosa and her children Elena and Luis. They were not following rules like us. They lived independently and they did not want any suggestion from them. I did not see any strength of their family. I think the family was not organized. Their microsystem, mesosystem, Exosystem and macrosystem were not strong to hold each other and attract each other into the family. In my family, I have to listen to my parents, follow rules and norms. I have learned from my family everything. So, I believe that they did not maintain their family like this. I did not know that family’s can be like that. Based on the movie we saw, I think the family was not in control by the guardians. Because Elena saw her mother and could not accept him as dad made her not caring about relationships and not understanding clearly the bond between the mother and a child relationship who married another man. Their social skill was not good enough to tie each other. Her step father looked like he tried his best but I do not think...
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