Five Types of Actors

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The text defines five types of actors: Impersonator, Personality, Star, Wild Card, and Character. Come up with examples of each type of actor (in addition to those identified in the text) and explain in detail why you think they fit each particular category.

Impersonator - is considered somewhat demeaning in the acting world, suggesting that the actor has simply copied the manner, dialect, and behavior of a character, instead of creating the character. Rich Little the most well-known impersonator called "The Man of a Thousand Voices".

Star- star is a dististinctive persona, who is well known and popular. Jim Carrey to me he is the greatest actor overall and a cool celebrity

Personality actor - This is odd in some ways because acting depends so heavily on a strong personality. But relying on it too much is thought of as a crutch, as a substitute for skill and technique. Martin Lawerence I belive that he can play any role

Wild card -is an actor who is difficult to classify as one certain type, because he or she can play a wide variety of character equally well without becoming type cast. Goodykoontz B & Jacob C. P. (2011). Julia Roberts I feel like she can play any role that she wants to and be a different person with it so you cannot pinpoint her type because she can do them all

Character actors - other actors are able to fit invisibly into a wide variety of disparate characters, adapting to the needs of each script and director they work with. Tom Jones the actor that portrays Carlton on the fresh prince of bel-air he's a good charactor actor he has very small parts.
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