First Punic Wars Essay

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Between the years 264 B.C and 146 B.C, the wars between Rome and Carthage, which are known as the Punic Wars, took place. In total, there were three Punic Wars which ultimately resulted in the complete conquest of Carthage by Rome. In the time leading up to the First Punic War, Carthage was the most prosperous and developed city in the area, and had a notably powerful navy. Until the first Punic War, the relations between Rome and Carthage were known to be good, until the Romans involved themselves in an attack that occurred in Sicily, which was territory of Carthage. The attack involved the people of Syracuse against the people of Messina, and initially, the people of Carthage gave aid to the people of Messina, only to be betrayed by them …show more content…
Carthage was under new leadership in Spain, having Hamilcar Barca at the helm. Following his time being leader, his son in law, Hasdrubal took over control. Before Barca died in 229 B.C, he made his son, Hannibal, pledge opposition against Rome. When Hasdrubal died, Hannibal took over leadership of Carthage, which occurred in 221 B.C. Led by Hannibal, the army of Carthage marched into the city of Saguntum, which consisted of Iberians, who were being protected by Romans at the time, and declared war against the Romans. Hannibal and his army were initially too much for the Romans, as they marched across the Alps and invaded Italy where they recorded conquests of many Roman cities. Eventually, the Romans bounced back under leader Publius Cornelius Scipio by attacking Carthage’s territories in North Africa and Spain, forcing them to leave Italy to retreat in order to defend the two important territories. Carthage was ultimately defeated in the war which ended a territorial reign in the Mediterranean leaving them with its land in North Africa. Having been weakened to a large extent, many Romans still considered Carthage to be a risk to them, and when Carthage declared war on Numidia, a city in close proximity to Carthage, Rome sent a fleet to North Africa ultimately resulting in the Third Punic War in

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