First in Show Pet Foods, Inc Case Swot

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Sample SWOT Analysis
MKTG 610 Marketing Strategies
March 14, 2011

Internal Strengths and Weaknesses

SWOT| Sales Force| MarketingMix| Advertising| R/D| Segmentation| Offerings| Internal Strengths| - There are not any other dog food in the frozen food isle- Also has a good sales packet to inform them on the industry norms| -Distributed in Boston where person to pet ratio is good- Marketing to a big variety of customers instead of just on- The quality of the dog food is very high| -Advertises directly to customers in Boston- Not one specific breed of dog is going to be advertised- Separating the advertising around in different areas | - The food is the healthiest type of food for dogs- Best type of quality ingredients in dog food- Research shows that it improves their coat | -Gives people a good option who care about how their animals eat- Specializes in supermarkets with frozen food sections- Only specialize in dog food | - A high quality dog food that improves their coat-A premium price for a premium product- Coupons for near locations where it will be sold at| Internal Weaknesses| - It is expensive and hard get stores to stock dog food in the frozen section- There is a higher margin in the frozen food section| -Lack of appeal of frozen dog food- The price is more expensive than most dog foods| -Will be hard to find stores to use coupons for the food since it is new- Might not have budgeted enough for it| - Only researched mainly on the dog food rather than treats and different dog items- Not much more development they could make on quality dog food| -The price might be too high for some families- Not all pet stores have frozen food sections to store their product| - Might be hard to find in certain areas- Hard to offer low prices for a product that needs a high return because of the cost to manufacture it|

External Opportunities and Threats

SWOT| Economic| Competition| ConsumerTrends|...
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