First Four Presidents

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Our first four presidents were George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison. Each of these men had different domestic and foreign policies that shaped our new country. There outlooks, ideas, and actions made what our country what it is today. Since our country was new they’re policies were the first Americans had ever seen and were the trial and error for the future. They helped form and create the beginning to the country and greatly influenced history.

George Washington was the first president of the United States. His opinion in domestic and foreign policies was to remain neutral. Since he was the first president he was setting a precedent for the rest of the country and was the one who created the idea of remaining neutral through all foreign conflicts. George Washington had a reasoning behind this idea. He believed that the United States were still a young and newly formed country and was not strong enough to be in foreign affairs. The country still did not have the military strength or economic basics to get involved. Washington also believed it was too soon to be in another war so soon after the revolution and this is why the United States were not involved in the war between France and Britain During Washington’s second term as president he issued the proclamation of neutrality, meaning the United States would not take side in the fighting by helping or assisting either one of the fighting countries. In 1796 Washington left office and gave a speech known as the Farewell Address of 1796. In this speech he stated the danger of political parties and called for a policy of neutrality in domestic and foreign affairs.

After George Washington John Adams was elected president. The policy of neutrality with Adams though was much different. The country then drifted from the idea of neutrality and moved toward a war with France. John Adams tried avoiding this war as much as possible though. He sent officials to Paris trying to negotiate a...
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