First Car Accident

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My First Car Accident

First of all, I must say that I could never imagine how ten seconds of life could change a person's view on his whole existence. Three weeks ago my whole life changed because of one drunk driver. I own a small, two door vehicle, which is called Toyota Celica. This car is good if you like a nice smooth ride with outstanding mileage. That day, I was going north on I-95 through a heavy traffic. I stopped with the traffic in an enormous line of cars. I wanted to call my friend, but could not find my cell phone. As it turned out, it was underneath the seat. At that moment I looked in my back view mirror and saw a big SUV moving really fast in my direction. It seemed to be going at least forty-five miles per hour. Just seconds later, that SUV hits me in the back of my car. Seconds seemed like hours inside that small Celica. The SUV hit me so hard - my car turned 180, hitting the car standing in line next to me. "This is just a bad dream!", I said to my self after opening my eyes. Everything around me looked blurry and fuzzy. The whole experience felt more like a dream after hearing: "Oh my god! Nice ride, too bad it got hit so hard". The guy who said that looked like he was smoking marijuana since the day he was born. No wonder he was not there when the police finally arrived. The most ironic thing was that the only person that actually asked me if I was ok was the drunk driver of the SUV that hit me. To my surprise I was not even mad at the guy. This accident made me realize how life is important and we need to cherish every moment we get. No one knows when it is their time to go but everyone must make sure that their life was worth every second they lived. I hope that my personal experience will make difference for other people.
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