Fire Safety- Introduction

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1. What is FIRE?
“FIRE” stands for “Find Inform Restrict/Resist Extinguish” shortly it means steps to take when a fire is discovered: Fire is the result of a chemical reaction called combustion, which requires a combination of fuel and oxygen as well as a source of ignition. Different methods can be used to extinguish fires. The methods often involve the removal of heat by cooling the burning material, the cutting of fuel or air source or the adding of chemical substances. 1.1 FIRE CHEMISTRY:

1.2 Classes of Fire:
Fires are identified using a classification system. Each class identifies the type of fuel involved and allows appropriate fire extinguisher media to be identified.






Freely Burning Materials:

i.e. Wood, Paper, Rubber, Cloths



Flammable Liquids

i.e.: Petrol, Diesel, Oils, Paraffin etc



Flammable Gases

i.e.: Methane, Propane, Hydrogen, Natural Gas etc.



Flammable Metals

i.e.: Magnesium, Aluminum, Lithium etc.



Combustible Cooking Media

i.e.: Cooking Oil, Fats, Grease etc.



Electrical Appliances

i.e.: Computers, Stereos, Fuse boxes etc.

Response to any fire scenario, regardless of the form of the response, should have these three basic priorities listed by importance:

1.3.1 Life Safety and Personal Protection.
The most important thing to accomplish in any fire incident is to protect life and avoid injury. Property, product, processes and material can be replaced and rebuilt. Human life and health is most precious and cannot be replaced. If nothing else is accomplished in a fire incident other than the complete safety of all persons involved, then the first and most important goal in a response to fire has been accomplished.

1.3.2 Incident Stabilization.
Once the first priority has been accomplished, the second goal is to stabilize the incident – keep it from growing or getting worse. By stabilizing the incident and not allowing it to change, grow in intensity or grow in size, the incident can not threaten more lives and property, even if the area or property involved becomes a total loss.

1.3.3 Property conservation.
Only after item 1 and item 2 have been established, the focus may turn to extinguishing the fire quickly with the least amount of damage to the property involved. The role of portable extinguishers and pre-engineered systems in response to a fire incident has the same priorities listed above. Together with a fire plan, alarm notification, evacuation, quick and safe response, portable extinguishers and pre engineered systems may be key factors in the outcome of any fire incident.

The successful use of any type of fire equipment - fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems, hose lines, nozzles or even apparatus - depends upon three elements being in place at the same time: Equipment – Maintenance – Training

If these three elements are considered sides of a triangle, then if any one element is Missing or incomplete, the triangle – and the chances of successful use – either fails to exist or is incomplete.

Having the correct equipment and proper maintenance without effective training on how to use the equipment is inadequate. Effective equipment in the hands of trained personnel will not be effective if the equipment has not been maintained and fails or performs poorly in an incident. Trained personnel using well maintained equipment will not be successful if the equipment was not the proper type for the hazard or the anticipated type of incident. It should be the goal of the salesperson, the installer, the maintenance technician and the end-user – working together – to...
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