Fire Fighting: Fire Prevention

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Fire Fighting: Fire Prevention

While volunteering at my fire department, I picked up on allot of tricks and trades. There is much to learn about firefighting and to understand what it means and what it takes to be a firefighter. I chose this topic because it is good for the public to know what is needed and required. I want to explain to people the job requirements, danger, and the technology used. The term fire fighter is exactly as it sounds: a person who fights a fire. But the history behind the name and the symbols are a lot more historic. The history of organized fire fighters can be dated with the Roman Empire when people where stationed at wells and would walk the town looking for fire. They were not educated in how to fight a fire. Fire fighting is more than just a job or volunteer work it really is about serving and protecting the community. There are varies satisfaction in saving a house of a neighbor, a friend, and even a stranger. In today’s society, lots of fire departments are starting to do more. Many departments have got into the emergency medical field. Whether by volunteering or from getting paid. There is that need in life for firefighters to get certified in medical fields like basic first aid or even as far as becoming an EMT-Paramedic. The main thing fire fighters are trained for is to fight fire, and it is one of the biggest things that they have to learn how to do. It only comes from experience of how to conserve property because any new certified firefighter can go and throw 1000 cubic feet of water on a fire no larger then a couch. Because fire fighting is meant to save the property, then there would be almost no need to use so much of a resources if all you did was do more damage. That is why they go through a minimum number of classes, such as overhaul, which is about looking for the fire where ever it may be, in a wall or inside a couch. Once you find all the hot spots in a fire, then you can extinguish it with minimal effort and minimal resources. In the United States we have allot of standards that pertain to fire fighting. It is Called NFPA or National Fire Protection Association. It was started in 1896 for fire sprinklers and is now the minimum standard for all firefighters and equipment. The minimum standard for fighting fire is to earn a 1403. That is 10 classes that you must have before you are allowed to enter an burning building. The classes are designed to keep a fire fighter safe. From fighting a fire down to the bare math of steam conversions and simple physics, the classes go beyond that. Also included is the prevention of fires and how to identify signs of people needing help or chemicals inside the building. the tools that have been developed over time and are most useful to fire fighters are known as symbols. such as an axe or a Halogen bar, these symbols have become big signs for a fire fighter. Almost all of the symbols used are printed on shirts and badges to identify a fire fighter. The Maltese Cross came from the order of the Maltese Knights during the Crusades. These knights are men who survived flames in order to save there fellow brothers. And because of the significance fire fighters used the maltese cross as a identification tag. they have used it to set them selfs apart from the rest of the community. There are some tools and things that are used to identify a fire truck which would be known as an engine company or a ladder truck which is a ladder company. Then you get tools like an axe which is used to go through a door or a wall, Maybe even to knock down a light. there is also the Halogen Bar, 4 point tool. it has a fork used to pick things up there is the spike which is used to make a hole of some sort. the wedge is used for opening doors and wedging between objects in order to pry them open. the butt or Flat end is used for smashing or bashing an object open some thing open when u need a smooth Flat surface. these are all tools that are deployed and have...
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