Financial Statement Analysis

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Course Code: BBA (CAM) – 301                                L:4        T/P:                 Credits: 4  
PREAMBLE: The primary objective of the course is to familiarize the student with the sales operations and sales management functions and customer relationship management. Endeavor is to provide both theoretical inputs and applications of practical aspects.  

UNIT 1:                                                                                                           Credits 10

|Managing and Planning Sales | |The field of Sales Management: Concept, Evolution of Professional Selling, Objectives of Sales Management, Exchange Process, Key | |Decision areas in Sales Management, Sales Management Cycle. | |Sales Strategy Formulation: Market Analysis, Setting Sales Objectives, Designing Sales Strategy. | |Planning for Selling efforts:  Personal selling Concept, Situations conducive to personal Selling, Diversity Of Personal Selling | |situations, Strategies Used by Salesmen, Process of Personal Selling, Choice of basic Selling Style,New Approaches in Selling | |  | |UNIT 2:                                                                                                          Credits 10 | |Personal Selling: | |♣         AIDAS Theory of selling | |♣         "Rights set of Circumstances" Theory | |♣         "Buying Formula " Theory | |♣         Behavioural  Equation" Theory | |Salesmanship and Sales-Promotion | |♣         concept | |♣         Essential Qualities of a Successful Salesman. | |Motivating & Compensating Sales Personnel | |♣         Motivation "Help from Management" | |♣         Financial Motivational Techniques | |♣         Non-Financial Motivational Techniques | |♣         Devising a Sales Compensation Plan | |♣         Types of Compensation Plans | |♣         Fringe Benefits | |♣         Negotiating skills | |UNIT 3:                                                                                                            Credits |...
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