Financial Analysis

Topics: Strategic management, Marketing, Cash flow Pages: 14 (3750 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Chapter: 01 (Introduction)

1.1 Background
The history of Apex is not very old. Still it is one of the oldest Footwear and Leather Company in Bangladesh. The company was established in 1990 as a proprietorship company at Hazaribagh in Dhaka. In the very beginning, it used to operate as leather production from rawhide and exporting. From the year 1993/94, the firm started to deal as foreign buyer’s representative and leather chemical distributor .All functions of the company are related to leather only, from marketing up to technology transfer. APEXADELCHI FOOTWEAR LIMITED, a leading manufacturer and exporter of leather footwear from Bangladesh to major shoe retailers in Western Europe, North America and Japan. The company has revenues of USD 42 million in 2006. AAFL pioneered the export of value added finished products export in the leather sector of Bangladesh and is also involved in the local footwear retail business with the second largest shoe retail network in the country. AAFL has equity, technical and marketing participation from La Nuova Adelchi one of the largest footwear manufacturers of Italy. Public listed and traded since 1993, AAFL is professionally managed, currently employs 3944 persons and is in full compliance with Corporate Governance Compliance Report under Section 2CC of the Securities Exchange Commission Notification Order.

“Honest Growth”
Sustainable Growth
Vendor of Choice
creating value for our shareholders
Proactive compliance
Corporate Social Responsibility
Date of Commencement of Business as Apex Footwear Limited: January 04, 1990 Name Change to Apex Adelchi Footwear Limited: December 27, 2006 Type of Company: Public Limited Company

#Respect for people
- Demonstrate respect by developing our people and helping them to achieve high #performance standards. - Treat all people with dignity
- Honesty
- Walk the talk
#Sense of Urgency
- Strive for speed and simplicity in everything we do.
- Encourage and reward self-confidence and initiative
- Require accountability
- Face reality, make timely difficult decision
1.3 Scope
This paper will address the comprehensive idea about a company business analysis including strategy analysis, accounting analysis, financial analysis & prospective analysis through this term paper. This paper at best may be viewed as a guideline, a tool for analyzing business organization for the investors and respective people.

1.4 Methodology
Sources of Information
We needed data to complete the term paper which requires taking information from both primary and secondary data. In order to complete such kind of term paper secondary data is very much necessary and we have taken more information from secondary sources than primary sources. Primary source

Communicating through cell phone is the main source of collecting primary information regarding our term paper. Secondary sources
Our secondary source is more informative than the primary sources. Organization’s annual reports and other published materials Company’s web site.

1.5 Limitation
While preparing this term paper we faced the following troubles: •Some requisite information are not available in website
Information is restricted to highly officials.
Monetary and time constraints.
The respondents did not give us much time.

Chapter 02: Business analysis of Apexadelchi footwear ltd
Business analysis is divided into some parts:
1.Industry analysis
2.Company analysis
3.SWOT analysis
4.Technical analysis

1. Industry analysis:
Industry Lifecycle Analysis
By viewing Product lifecycle management as a system that includes brand and product strategies, disciplined development processes, efficient resource management, information technology enablers, and key performance...
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