Topics: Environmentalism, Marketing, Environmental movement Pages: 21 (5150 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Table of Contents
1.0 Background of study3
2.0 Literature review4
2.1 Environmental Concern4
2.2 Utilitarian benefits5
2.3 Environmental advertisement5
2.4 Environmental Marketing6
3.0 Problem Statement7
4.0 Research Question8
5.0 Research Objectives9
6.0 Research Framework10
6.1 Research Hypothesis10
6.2 Theoretical framework10
7.0 Research Methodology11
7.1 Measure and Sample11
7.2 Research Findings12
7.3 Histogram23
7.3.1 Environmental Concern23
7.3.2 Utilitarian Benefits24
7.3.3 Environmental Advertisement25
7.3.4 Environmental Marketing26
8.0 Discussion27
9.0 Appendix28
9.1 Spread sheet of data (Enclosed in softcopy)28
9.2 Sample of Questionaire28
Environmental concern level28
Utilitarian Benefit29
Concern on environmental advertisement30
Environment marketing30

1.0 Background of study

Environment is being degraded by the activities undertaken by companies. Hence, it becomes the responsibility of the business world to compensate for the harm that the companies are causing to the environment. The past decade is witness to the rapid economic growth through increasing consumers’ consumption worldwide. This is turn cause environmental deterioration through over-consumption and utilization of natural resources. However, environment problems are caused directly or indirectly by the patterns of production of industries, and pattern of consumption and behavior of consumers (Tsen et al., 2006). The impact of environment deterioration will be a plenty of environment pollution such as pollution of sea and rivers, noise and light pollution, global warming, air pollution, soil pollution and so forth. The concern for environmental protection is increasing around the globe. It also causes degradation of fertility and threat on human population. This all environment problems are mainly and seriously impact on humans on natural systems. In recent years, this fact led to the consumers’ increased interest in making environmentally social purchases. More and more consumers have realized that their consumption activities will lead to environmental problems. Therefore, they have realized their consumption problem and they have try to translate their environmental concern into action (Kangun et al, 1991). These environmental issues have become an integral aspect of marketing manager become more concerned with environmental issues. There are many firms have started to be socially responsible by developing green products and green services. In this competitive business environment, many companies have executed the concept of green marketing in order to create awareness of save the environment. In Malaysia, consumer’s green practice and knowledge is less than other Asian countries such as Korea, Japan and so forth. Furthermore, Malaysia consumers are less adopt on green purchasing. There are number of reason that consumers are not intention on green purchasing such as income, lack of awareness, hard to change and so on. The Firms must understand extend of this potential market growth. How much consumers are unaware on these environment issues and reasons.The role played by the government in environmental protection is undeniable. In promoting sustainable consumption practices among Malaysians, the Malaysian government publicized various strategies to implement sustainable consumption and development. To educate and foster environmental awareness and concern among the public, Malaysian government also opted for social advertising (Haron et al., 2005). The most significant factor affecting nature was not the official government policy but the public awareness on the environmental problems (Chukwuma, 1998). Many people have high ecological concern but have the sentiment that the preservation of the environment is...
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