Final Strategic Plan

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Final Strategic Plan
Janette Cruz
HCS 589
Gina Drake
September 29, 2014
Final Strategic Plan
There is a need to assist VA Hospitals around the nation. There has been a huge backlash from President Obama regarding the operations of the VA Hospitals. There have been several instances where veterans have died while waiting for their appointments at VA Hospitals. Also, public opinion regarding the operations of VA Hospitals and how useful they really are to veterans are being called into question. New programs aimed at assisting VA Hospitals with reducing the wait times of veterans as well as providing additional services would help build up the reputation of VA Hospitals as well as becoming a new source of revenue for hospitals. These programs will also increase public satisfaction with VA Hospitals as well as the local hospitals that are willing to be a part of the solution. Strategic Plan Part 1: Organizational Structure

Marion General Hospital is a hospital in Marion, IN. It is centered between the two biggest cities in Indiana. Marion General Hospital provides services to Grant County and the surrounding counties. This organization has a magnet status that they wish to maintain. In order to maintain their magnet status Marion General Hospital needs to have a strategic plan in place to ensure that they are compliant with their issuing agency as well as state and government agencies. Maintaining the organization’s magnet status is in alignment with the organization’s mission and vision statements. Mission and vision statements are vital factors that act as leading principles for an organization’s strategic initiative. Organizations create their corporate, business, and tactical strategies and objectives. The mission of Marion General Hospital is “to be the first choice for healthcare services and to promote wellness in our Healthcare community” (“Marion General Hospital” n.d. para 1). Their vision is “to be the first choice for healthcare services using best practices by leading a collaborative approach involving physicians, staff, business leaders and our community” (“Marion General Hospital” n.d. para. 2). Values are an important aspect to the organization. Values are the guidelines the help lead employees through situations. These guidelines are present in Marion General Hospital’s vision and mission statements as well as through its code of ethics. Additional guidance in the decision-making process is provide in the code of ethics. Purpose, worthwhile work, and making a difference are the organization’s key values that they believe will guide them as healthcare professionals at Marion General Hospital. Marion General Hospital currently uses the alignment model. The alignment model makes sure that the strategic plan is in strong alignment with Marion General Hospital’s mission and its resources to adequately run the organization. There are four major steps in the alignment model: “1. The planning group outlines the organization’s mission, programs, resources, and needed support. 2. Identify what’s working well and what needs adjustment. 3. Identify how these adjustments should be made. 4. Include the adjustments as strategies in the strategic plan” (McNamara, n.d., para. 3). Marion General Hospital used the model to incorporate the addition of the VA program into their hospital. The CEO and board planned how the program would fit into the organization’s mission, programs, resources, and what support would be needed to ensure the success of the program. When they finished the strategic plan they needed to identify what worked and what changes needed to be made so that it was a realist goal for the hospital. In addition, the CEO and board included the upper management and supervisors to give suggestions of any adjustments that needed to be made. The adjustments were included as strategies in the strategic plan. The organization chooses to use change theory which is the process of defining long-term goals and...

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