Final for Crt/205

Topics: Critical thinking, Education, Reasoning Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Final Project

The first article I choose was “Charter Schools”. The issue with this article was that there are certain people who are against charter schools and some agree with charter schools. On one side there’s the people who think charter schools should be shut down because they do not teach the same traditional way as other public schools; on the other side there are people that think charter schools are great because they have small classes with less students and that students can learn easier that bias ways are presented in this article because the writer explains both sides of the opinions of the charter schools. The writer does not choose either side. Also, in this article there are no vague or ambiguous examples because the writer explains in a very educated matter not choosing any side. The sources in this article are quite credible. The reason why I think the sources that the writer provided are credible is because the writer gives information from other sources. The writer also cites the sources which mean the sources are credible. The writer in this article does not give any examples of rhetorical devices or any fallacies. The writer of this article gives the argument that both charter schools and traditional school are doing the same way academically. The writer argues that it does not matter which school a student goes to because it depends on the student not the school. The premise of this article is that charter schools are not the same as a traditional school. The conclusion of this article was that charter schools have potential problems. The authors argument was valid and sound because the author proves his/her point. In this article, the author does not show that he/ she is using moral reasoning. The second article was “Charter Schools Have Had Mixed Results” the issue of this article is charter schools. Charter schools have mixed results as well as other schools. The author shows to be bias in this article by choosing one side...
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