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Writing a successful film review is like baking really great cookies. As a chef you need to pay attention to essential ingredients to make the recipe work, but creativity and personal choices are what make the final result more tasty and interesting.

As a film review writer you must consider basic elements such as the story, character, technical details, sound/music and the theme or message in the film. A chef must think about who they are baking cookies for. A film reviewer, in the same way, should pay attention to their audience, who will read the review and what their tastes and interests might be. Not every element must be discussed in every review. The film you are reviewing will determine the elements that should be discussed.

As well, decisions about film are based on what you prefer (fantasy or science fiction) and what is happening in your world. To write a successful film review, it is important to lead or introduce your review with reasons for your choice and conclude with a summary of how all the elements, including the story, characters, technical details, sound/music and theme, work to make the film entertaining.


A strong introduction is an important element to any writing assignment. Film reviewers call this a lead and use it to draw the reader into the body of their review. A lead provides a broad picture of the importance of the film. This may have something to do with the actors, the novel from which the film is adapted, the theme or social issues dealt with in the film or some other noteworthy feature. Once this broad or general introduction is made the rest of the film review should deal with specific details in the film (character, plot, technical elements, sound and theme). When you get to the end of your review after discussing specific details of character, plot, technical elements, sound and theme, the conclusion should relate back to what you discuss in your lead. The overall effect should be to “wrap up” your point of view regarding the film.


The plot is a pattern of events in the main story of the film. A film reviewer should summarize the key events but leave some mystery so that the reader is interested in seeing the film. Think about the beginning, middle and end of the

film and select the key events that shape the story. Summarize these but don’t include the surprises that might ruin the enjoyment of the film for the viewer. For example, you could summarize a film based on the Cinderella fairy tale as the story of a young girl who struggles in a difficult relationship with her stepmother and stepsisters and searches for love with the magical support of a fairy godmother.


Your review should evaluate the most interesting characters in the film. Certainly you will include the major roles but may also select some of the minor characters who are especially interesting. You can discuss how the characters are developed or revealed through what they do and say. You can also consider how they interact with other characters. In a film that has a popular actor, you may choose to discuss their acting and compare or discuss their roles in other films. Also discuss the appropriateness of the casting (selection of actors) to play certain roles.

Using the example of the Cinderella story, you could discuss how appropriately certain actors were cast to play the roles of the wicked stepmother or stepsisters (have they played similarly wicked roles in previous films?).

Technical Elements

Technical elements are used by the film director to enhance communication and make the film experience more entertaining. Each effect in the film represents a choice that the director made. As a film reviewer you could comment on how these effects contribute to the improvement of the film. Are they entertaining? Do they improve the film? There are several types of technical elements that you can consider. Camera use is a...
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