Film and Music Piracy in Indonesia

Topics: Copyright infringement, Anti-piracy, Fair use Pages: 5 (2036 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Technology development has allow people in the world,especially in this case,Surabaya, to violate copyrights of music and films in many forms . This practice (Music and films piracy violation) is spread widely over Surabaya, largely consumed by citizens and poorly handled by the authorities. In this paper, we will focusing about why and how we as citizens should come to the solution for this case in relation to our Ideology (Pancasila) and our role as Indonesian citizens. After that,I will also briefly explain about the relation between solving this issue to the impact of business world and our part as chinesse ethnicity in Surabaya.The purpose of this paper is to increase the public awareness about music and films piracy. This study will explain and gives proofs showing that music and films piracy is a form of a crime and should be stop to make Indonesia better off. CONTENT

The world knows that when its about piracy,Indonesia is one of the highest piracy rates on the world (behind Vietnam and China in all Asia). Based on the survey held recently by Hongkong-based Political and Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC), Indonesia’s crime in piracy has given severe damage on U.S content industry especially software and music Industry. The music industry suffer 95% overall loss of Indonesian market because of the piracy activity trough internet,mobile phone or in physical.

Surabaya,as one of the biggest city in Indonesia also take a major part on this crime. Altough there are no clear evidence about the number of the crime and the precise place where the crime has been done in Surabaya,It’s really clear that in this city Intelectual and Property rights are being violated most of the time. There are more than 30 stores,spread in big malls,which sells pirated music and films in forms of DVDs and CDs who sold thousands pirated optical discs,daily consumed by many citizens (without them realizing that their actions is a crime),and the authorities never investigate or even lay their hand on those stores. The lack of concerns from the citizen and the weak protection of law from the authority are the main reasons why music and films piracy is still running and even growing in Surabaya.

Then, why is it so important for us to solve this issue?
One of the major reason is social justice,taken from our fifth principle of Pancasila (Keadilan Sosial bagi seluruh Rakyat Indonesia) which talking about justice in economic welfare for all citizen in Indonesia.As we all know,Music and films piracy hurt the social justice and treathen economic welfare of not only the creator,but also all of the worker in this industry. For the creator, it’s really obvious, he/she is not receiving what they should receive. Suppose there are 100,000 copies of a single here in Surabaya, and 90% of them are pirated. The creator will only receive the royalty from the legal single sold in the number of 10% since the rest is pirated (while actually he/she should get the rest of 90%,it’s their right). And using the same example,let me explain the second impact on the workers of the industry, Everyone on the industry who also take part for the output. Because of the piracy, the original copy sales will go down, which will force the output to go down since piracy has already taken place in the market and fulfill consumer needs. This will make the industry of music and films cut the workers since they are not necessarily needed (since they only can produce a little,they have no reasons to keep too many workers). And this unemployement can cause so many other severe consequences . The unemployed will have no money to afford education or even daily needs. They are forced to searched job outside music and films industri. It’s probably okay for those who have ability in doing many kinds of jobs,including jobs that needed outside the music and film industry such as Cleaning service or costumer service,the chance for them to get a job outside music industry...
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