Film Analysis on Movie John Q

Topics: Negotiation, Communication, Nonverbal communication Pages: 4 (1271 words) Published: February 9, 2012
1. a. Perception means understanding a situation, and having insight on it; individuals connecting to their environment. In negotiation you need to interpret what the other party says and means. (Lewicki, p139) b. In the movie John Q the main character John acts like he is a threat and the cops think he is going to kill the hostages if he does not get what he wants. The cops have a different perception of the type of man John is. He won’t stop until his son gets the help he needs to survive. The public sees the situation as a man desperately trying to save his son any way he can and he is looked at as a hero. John’s son needs a heart transplant and he cannot get on the transplant list because Johns insurance does not cover that. The hospital will not help John, so he is left with nothing else to do. He will do anything; he will not let his son die because they didn’t have the money to save him. The people that John holds hostage all realize what John is doing and that John doesn’t want to hurt them, he just wants to help his son. The police see John as a violent man holding hostages in the ER, while everyone else sees he is trying to save his son. (Lewicki, p139) 4. a. There are five examples of what is communicated throughout the negotiation process. One way to communicate during the process is to know the offers, counter offers, and motives. The offers can change and the parties must both face different factors in the negotiation. Another way to communicate during a negotiation is sharing information with the other party influences the process and there becomes alternatives. Certain things will influence the process creating different outcomes. Information about outcomes can be communicated throughout the negotiation. Negotiators should evaluate their own success before learning about the other party’s evaluations of the outcome. The fourth way to communicate during a negotiation is social accounts. Negotiators use this to communicate and explain information to...

Cited: Lewicki, Roy J., Bruce Barry, and David M. Saunders. Negotiation. Boston: McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 2010. Print.
John Q. Dir. Nick Cassavetes. Perf. Denzel Washington, Robert Duvall, Anna Heche, James Woodes, Ray Liotta, & Eddie Griffin. 2002. DVD.
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