Study Analysis Part a: “Power Play for Howard”

Topics: Negotiation, National Basketball Association, Miami Heat Pages: 3 (883 words) Published: August 7, 2011
Case Study Analysis Part A: “Power Play for Howard”
The case study, “Power Play for Howard” describes the high-staked lengthy negotiation process for a new contract and competitive wages for Juwan Howard, all-star free agent forward for the Washington Bullets. Team C will discuss in detail the negotiation process, evaluate the tangible and intangible benefits, and assess the costs and risks through the perspectives of Juwan and the general managers of the Washington Bullets and Miami Heat teams. The end-result of the deal with Juwan Howard is one of the most lucrative free-agent signings in the National Basketball Association (NBA) history. Case Summary

The “Power Play for Howard” case study introduces the legend of the National Basketball Association (NBA) player Juwan Howard during his contract negotiation. A number of dynamics contribute to the basis of this momentous case with Howard. He was known for his positive outlook during all of career and became a much-loved dignitary within the community. Howard’s age and level of skill caused others to think that he would only progress even more as he continued to play in the league. These very reasons provided a strong foundation for negotiating his new contract. Another factor contributing to the significance of this case is the union for NBA players was in the midst of discussing a new collective bargaining agreement, as a result providing the opportunity to achieve receiving an increased salary. The Washington Bullets encompassed a rare negotiating stance During the 1996-1997 basketball season, Howard became a free agent. Even though Howard openly declared that he wished to remain with the Bullets, he did not settle for the contract offer provided to maintain his spot on the team. Given his record, Howard believed that his worth was more than the team wished to offer. Another team, the Miami Heat showed interest in Howard and offered a higher contract than the Bullets. As an attempt to negotiate, the...

References: Lewicki, R. J., Saunders, D. M., & Barry, B. (2007). Negotiation: Readings, Exercises, and Cases (5th ed.). Boston: McGraw Hill.
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