Figures of Speech Used in the Trail That Rocked the World

Topics: William Jennings Bryan, Scopes Trial, Clarence Darrow Pages: 6 (1507 words) Published: January 5, 2013
Figures of Speech Used in Lesson 4

1. Alliteration
1) Man against man and creed against creed (P.14)
2) warmed to his work (P.20)
3) He brandished a biology text… (P.20)
4) with a man made by God in his image (P.21)
5) …and put here for His purpose as part of a divine plan. (P.21) 6) Gone was the fierce fervor of the days when Dryan had swept the political arena like a prairie fire. (P.22) 7) quiet questioning (P.32)

2. Allusion
* We are marching backwards to the glorious age of the sixteenth century when bigots lighted faggots to burn the men who dared to bring any intelligence and enlightenment and culture to the human mind. (P.14) 3. Ambiguity

1) “My friend the attorney-general says that John Scopes knows what he is here for,” Darrow drawled. “I know what he is here for, too. He is here because ignorance and bigotry are rampant, and it is a mighty strong combination.” (P.13) 2) Calling Bryan as a witness for the defense. (P.30)

3) “We are calling him as an expert on the Bible.” Darrow said. “His reputation as an authority on Scripture is recognized throughout the world.” (P.30) 4) Well, have you any idea how the snake went before that time? (P.38) 4. Anaphora

* The truth always wins- and we are not afraid of it. The truth does not need Mr. Bryan. The truth is eternal, immoral, and needs no human agency to support it. (P.24) 5. Antithesis
1) In a trail in which religion played a key role, Darrow was an agnostic, Malone a Catholic and Hays a Jew. (P.11) 2) Today it is the teacher… and tomorrow the magazines, the books, the newspapers. (P.14) 3) Man against man and creed against creed. (P.14)

4) Man came from above…come from below. (P.20)
5) Spectators pushed by him to shake Darrow’s hands. (P.43) 6. Asyndeton
* and tomorrow the magazines, the books, the newspapers. (P.14) 7. Apostrophe
* That’s one hell of a jury. (P.12)
8. Climax
1) Today it is the teacher… and tomorrow the magazines, the books, the newspapers. (P.14) 2) The crowd laughed and Bryan turned livid. (P.39)
9. Consonance
* bigots lighted faggots (P.14)
10. Elegant variation
1) 出席:take one’s place in (P.1); be on hand (P.2) 2) 对court的描述:packed (P.1); baking (P.14)
3) 表示“说,陈述”: announce (P.11); growl (P.12); drawl (P.13); make one’s opening statement (P.13); snort (P.19); thunder (P.21); observe (P.23); pop up to reply (P.23); roar (P.24); enquire (P.34); shout (P.41) 4) 表示“笑”:laugh (P.39); there were sniggers (P.35) 5) 表示出庭的学生:pupil (P.16); lad (P.16); youngster (P.18) 6) 表示人群: the crowd (P.35) ; the throng (P.29) 7) 表示“炙热”: sweltering (P.1) ; baking (14)

8) 表示“控告”: indict (P.9); prosecution (P.1); accuse of (P.23); take … to court (P.8) 9) 表示“充满”: swarm with (P.26); full of; fill with 11. Epithet
* … was William Jennings Bryan, the silver-tongued orator, three times Democratic nominee for President of the US… (P.1) 12. Extended metaphor
* The oratorical storm… swept like a fresh wind. (P.48) 13. Foreshadowing
* We’ll show them some tricks. (P.2)
14. Hyperbaton
1) Seated in court, ready to testify on my behalf were a dozen distinguished professors. (P.2) 2) So has every other teacher. (P.7)
3) among them was John Bulter. (P.10)
4) Gone was the fierce fervor… (P.22)
5) Then came the climax of the trail. (P.30)
15. Image
1). Auditory image
* A buzz ran through the crowd (P.1)
* Darrow had whispered (P.2)
* As my father growled (P.12)
* As my father growled (P.12)
* Darrow drawled… (P.13)
* Darrow snorted. (P.19)
* his sonorous organ tones… (P.20)
* Hawkers cried their wares on every corner. (P.26)
* His voice rose (P.39)
2). Tactile image
A. Thermal image
* on that sweltering July day (P.1)
* the baking court (P.14)
* the...
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