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  • How Did William Jennings Bryan Contribute To The Cross Of Gold Speech

    William Jennings Bryan‚ born in 1860‚ was a railroad lawyer‚ as well as a politician and a very respected public speaker. The reason he was so successful at what he did was mainly due to the fact that he knew how to reach out to specific types of people‚ essentially by empathize with them. He was able to speak in front of religious groups that he did not necessarily worship the same religion with‚ within their religious institutions‚ and he was able to connect with each and every one of the audience

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  • Campaign Slogans of 1912 Taft,Roosevelt,Bryan.

    Presidential Election of 1912 The election of 1912 followed a "great victory" for Theodore Roosevelt (1901-1908) and a "drastic failure" for William Howard Taft (1908-1912)‚ as seen through the eyes of the public. Both presidents represented the Republican Party‚ but before the elections of 1912 Roosevelt separated‚ along with his progressive Republicans and insurgents‚ and formed a new political party - The Progressive Party. Taft remained a Republican and his party mainly consisted of conservatives

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  • William the Conqueror

    in question was the official Bible of the State of Tennessee‚ and that this was the King James Version. The defense attorney‚ Clarence Darrow‚ asked where were they to find an expert on the Bible who was acceptable to the court; Prosecutor William Jennings Bryan interjected “I am an expert on the Bible.” This was unheard of‚ a counsel for the prosecution offering to be a witness for the defense! After 8 days of trial‚ in which the jury heard no defense and nothing from neither the defendant nor any

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  • William Taft

    WILLIAM HOWARD TAFT AND DOLLAR DIPLOMACY - Roosevelt’s successor‚ William Taft (1909-1913)‚ did not carry a big stick - Taft adopted a foreign policy that was mildly expansionist but depended more on investors’ dollars than on the navy’s battleships - Taft’s policy of trying to promote U.S. trade by supporting American enterprises abroad was given the name dollar diplomacy DOLLAR DIPLOMACY IN EAST ASIA AND LATIN AMERICA - Taft believed that private American financial investment in China &

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  • lab exam 2

    Essay #2 Tina Taylor William Jennings Bryan argues against the gold standard. What arguments does he give against the gold standard and why does it oppress the common people? William Jennings Bryan was against the Gold Standard because it artificially lowered inflation. In today’s times the Federal Reserve can print as much money as it wants and also control how the money circulates in the economy by buying and selling bonds. With the gold standard there was an infinite amount of gold that

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  • Document Analysis: “Cross of Gold”

    Document Analysis: “Cross of Gold” In 1896‚ three years after the “Panic of 1893”‚ a man by the name of William Jennings Bryan delivered one of the most historical speeches to this day. In the late 1800’s a populist movement was happening and people were starting to take notice. Political corruption and big business practices hurt not only laborers‚ but also farmers. When farmers organized into alliances‚ and eventually into the Populist Party‚ they posed a challenge to the reigning two-party

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  • Populist Movement Analysis

    Gold” speech by populist champion William Jennings Bryan. Through these speeches‚ one can conclude that both of these movements sought to improve the lives of everyday Americans compared to the

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  • The Populist Movement's Failure

    The Populist Movement ultimately failed to survive because of their desire for inflation and the support for the coinage of silver‚ as well as the fact that they merged with the Democratic Party to combat the Republicans. The 1896 election undermined agrarian insurgency‚ and a period of rapidly rising farm prices helped to bring about the dissolution of the Populist Party. Another important factor in the failure of the party was its inability to affect a genuine urban-rural coalition; its program

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  • the wizard of oz Allegory

    newspaper in Aberdeen‚ South Dakota. Baum had written on politics and current events in the late 1880s and early 1890s‚ a period that coincided with the formation of the Populist Party. Baum was sympathetic to the Populist movement‚ supported William Jennings Bryan in the election of 1896‚ and consistently voted for Democratic candidates. The author himself‚ who was very close to his mother-in-law‚ was the secretary of his local women’s suffrage club and edited a newspaper that made women’s rights its

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  • Bryan's Cross of Gold Speech vs. the Ocala Platform

    Although Bryan is discussing bimetallism and the Ocala Platform is discussing laws for farmers‚ they are in fact quite similar in their demands. Neither of the two parties wants national banks; they both would rather have smaller local banks to run the money in the country. Also they both believe income tax is a good thing and that it should not be removed. In William Jennings Bryan’s speech before the Democratic National Convention‚ he stated that “we are opposing the national bank” (Bryan). In the

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