Fiction and Close Reference

Topics: Fiction, Barisan Nasional, Writing Pages: 1 (359 words) Published: October 3, 2012
| Directed Writing| Continuous Writing| Novel| Poem|
PAHANG| ArticleThe Do’s and Don’ts when attending a job interview| 1.Describe an enjoyable day you have experienced in your life.2.Save water to save the Earth. Discuss3.Write a story beginning with: “It was a promise of wonderful happenings...”4.My dream job5.Teacher| ‘Family relationship is important in one’s life’How is this shown in the novel you have read. Support your answer with close reference to the text.| He Had Such Quiet Eyes| TERENGGANU| ArticleA cleanliness campaign | 1.What I like about myself2.’Teenagers nowadays lack the senses of responsibility’. What do you think?3.Health is wealth4.Write a story ending with: “...we were glad as it was finally over”.5.Smiles| | | PERAK| ReportThe causes of the problem and suggestions to overcome disciplinary cases in your school | 1.An ideal holiday2.Social networking brings more harm than good. Discuss3.Benefits of saving when you are young4.Write a story that begins with: “I woke up and could not remember what had happened”5.Choices| With close reference to the novel that you have read, write on one character that shows determination.| Nature| KEDAH| ArticleStudy tips to improve students’ academic performance| 1.Why should children helps their parents at home?2.My life is a joy3.Power4.Describe the scene during recess in your school5.Write a story begins with: It was a miserable day until the phone rang...| Caring towards others is an important value.How is this important value portrayed in the novel you have read?Support your answer with close reference to the text.| Are You Still Playing With Your Flute| SBP| ReportThe causes and effects of haze | 1.A pleasent dream2.Describe a scene after disaster3.Success comes to those who work hard. Do you agree?4.Write a story ending with: “...he left and closed the door behind him quickly5.Strength| Write about a character who portrays a moral value in the novel you have studied....
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