Topics: Video podcast, Case study, Podcast Pages: 16 (4414 words) Published: April 18, 2013
University of Hertfordshire Document entitled “6BUS1059 Strategic leadership in a changing world examination revision questions/information/regulations for the 2013 examinations-take to exam”.

Please note -It is your responsibility to read all this document BEFORE you read the examination case study AND it is your responsibility to read this document when it appears on the module website. This document is a formal document and is part of the strategic leadership in a changing world 6BUS1059 examination process. You are required to take this document to your examination and you are required to take the examination case study to the exam.

IMPORTANT-As stated on module news earlier it is your responsibility to read ALL of this document with regard to the procedures/regulations to follow etc re the examination and the examination case study. It is also your responsibility to take the examination case study to the examination

Seminar revision classes commence in w/c 15th April for ODD groups and in w/c 22nd April for EVEN groups.

All students have ONE structured revision tutorial class and it is in your usual two hour time slot. Any questions about revision etc please ask in your structured revision class (ODD numbered groups/weeks attend class in w/c April 15th and EVEN numbered groups/weeks attend class in w/c 22nd April). The structured revision class will use the revision questions below as a structure for the two hour class.

Do note that the formal revision LECTURE in this module is in w/c April 15th. The Tuesday and Wednesday revision lecture’s will be identical that week. This is the only formal revision lecture we are having (the lecture times in w/c 22nd April are exam revision “drop in” slots. You are welcome to come to the lecture room and ask any questions. I will not deliver a formal lecture/class-it is purely your chance to ask questions). The formal revision lecture will be subject to the usual live unedited audio podcast and that will be the last podcast produced on this module. There will NOT be a video summary/student Q and A session of the revision lecture. Do note that the following online resources are available for revision 1) Weekly lecture slides are under Teaching resources (lecture folder). Lecture’s are numbered (please note lecture 18 was called not actually given the title of lecture 18 on the module website due to the lecture slides/upload (Professor Fischback’s lecture) having Professor Fischback’s name already on the file. The lecture slides with Professor Fischback’s name on them is, in fact, lecture 18. The weekly lecture has been live unedited audio podcasted. The revision lecture will also be live unedited audio podcasted. Only 2 lecture’s that have not been fully live unedited audio podcasted and had the one podcast loaded on the module website. These are the weeks/lecture’s when Professor Dr Fischback’s leadership lecture/workshop occurred and the week when I was overseas on university business in Kazakhstan. Re Professor Dr Fischback’s lecture /workshop (lecture 18). This live unedited audio podcast is placed in TWO separate audio podcasts entitled Part A and Part B. During my university work in Kazakhstan lecture’s were delivered by strategy lecturers who also teach on this module and I produced a non live audio podcast for that week. All the audio podcasts are in the 6BUS1059 audio podcast folder (under Teaching resources).How to obtain these audio podcasts is in section 4.0 of the module guide. Also in that section is the technical support that the university can offer re accessing the podcasts. I am sorry but I cannot offer technical support re how to access the podcasts. 2) After each lecture (apart from the revision lecture which will have no video summary etc) a video has been produced. The video is an unstructured and unscripted summary of the lecture. At the end of the weekly video summary I attempt to answer five of the...
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