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Writing Your Own Science Fiction
* 1
Find a general topic; this applies to any book. To write science fiction, you need to know a little about science fact, so search for your topic in modern science books, articles and magazines, or talk to a scientifically-inclined person. Write down anything interesting until you find the right topic for you. Ads by Google
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* 2
Ask yourself "What if?" Remember, this is fiction. Play off your main scientific topic, but you can get a little crazy with it. For example, science can't really successfully clone humans yet, but what if it could? * 3
Decide what your main conflict will be: Man vs. Technology, Man vs. Man, etc. Aliens are probably the most popular enemy for science fiction books (and technology the most popular weapon against them), but don't be afraid to step out of the box. * 4
Decide your setting and time period. Most science fiction happens in the near future and involves more than just planet earth, but there are lots of different types of science so don't feel bound to this scenario. Remember to stay within the limits of the time period you choose--if you choose only five years into the future, for example, we probably haven't developed flying cars yet. * 5
Choose your characters, then write your basic outline. If you're not an outline person, then go ahead and dive into the first chapter or prologue. Good luck! * 6
Know the difference between science fiction and fantasy. Science fiction is more about about scientific occurrences that could happen in this world, or aliens and amazing inventions. Fantasy is about events that are impossible to happen in this world, and usually has magic and creatures like elves or ogres. * 7
Know the structure of a story. Stories have a structure with an initial incident, or starting struggle, that escalates into a "dark...
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