Fetal Abnormality Case Study

Topics: Marriage, Family, Love, Wife, Mother, Husband / Pages: 3 (747 words) / Published: Feb 13th, 2016
Jessica; a 30-year old immigrant from Mexico City maintains a fetal abnormality. This fetal abnormality has inflicted a problem upon Jessica; does she really want to continue with pregnancy? Influenced by a myriad of factors including her own views, her husband Marco, Dr. Wilson, and Aunt Maria’s views, it must be decided whether to continue or to abort the case. In this essay, the moral status of each individual will be discussed and what each individual theory entails.

In this case, Jessica believes that there are two sides of the spectrum. She is torn between the possibility of a better socioeconomic position and increased independence, and that all life is sacred. Jessica values human life through the articulation that human life is sacred,
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The aunt sees human properties as she wants to see the pregnancy happen; via God’s intention. As well she shows moral agency by urging Jessica “to think of her responsibility as a mother.” As an aunt she shares a relationship with the fetus and Jessica. Lastly, Dr. Wilson states scientifically that it would be a wise choice to go forth with abortion. He indicates the option of abortion as a medical alternative, given the quality of life such a child would have. In other words, conjury to aunt Maria’s belief, Dr. Wilson believes the moral thing to do is to abort the baby because of the hardship of life the child would …show more content…
Jessica’s theory influences that all life is sacred and would not receive an abortion and that aunt Maria is more of an influence. Although Jessica would like to be independent and economically secure, she values life. Because Jessica is related to Aunt Maria, we believe Aunt Maria would have a greater influence than Dr. Wilson. Since Aunt Maria believes Jessica should go through the pregnancy, Jessica will go through the pregnancy with the support of her husband Marco. Marco’s theory shows that even though he wants to be independent and economically secure he values his wife’s opinion and is willing to sacrifice comfort for her happiness. Aunt Maria indicates that she would go through with the pregnancy because not only is it a responsibility for her as a mother to have the baby, but also God has a plan and everything works out to be as he intends. Dr. Wilson determines that “scientifically and medically” it does not make sense to go through with the pregnancy. Therefore Dr. Wilson would have Jessica go through with the abortion and both would face the consequence of never knowing how the baby would have turned

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