Feral Child

Topics: Foster care, Family Pages: 3 (1074 words) Published: April 23, 2007
Madonna, The Feral Child
I'm sure you may have heard of wild or wolf children, also known as feral children. These are human children that have been neglected and raised with little to no human contact. Some have been raised in the wild by animals, mostly by dogs, wolfs, or large cat breeds. Other feral children have been locked up or left alone since birth. These children mostly confined and denied all social interaction with others. There are hundreds of cases of wild children from around the world but one special case struck my attention. The case of Madonna is one of the vaguest ones. All of the names and locations in this article have been altered to insure the confidentiality of the girl, her care givers, and her foster families. The story of Madonna began to unfold when social services found her wondering through a field near a rural town. When taken by social services they believed she was between the age of seven or eight, although her true age can never be determined. The young girl seemed to have been severely neglected. Her hair was matted into dreadlocks and she was suffering from sever malnutrition. Her vision had never been corrected, therefore the girl had little to no vision (later on corrected with lenses). She had numerous broken bones and suffered from multiple scars form prior physical abuse. It seemed to examiners that she had previously been locked up in confined spaces, examples given: trunks of cars, attics, and even ovens. As social service workers continued with Madonna's examinations they came to a shocking conclusion, the young girl had Fetal alcohol syndrome. It is today believed that Madonna's mother used a variety of drugs during her pregnancy and through the time she had Madonna. As more of the truth began to unfold, social workers found that Madonna, as a very young toddler, was sold off for drugs and transported around the world, to be used for prostitution. When more psychological test were done the girl was...
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