Female Genital Mutilation

Topics: Human rights, Female genital cutting, Universal Declaration of Human Rights Pages: 2 (608 words) Published: October 11, 2014
Female Genital Mutilation is a controversial topic that forces people to choose between traditional cultural rituals and the ethical rites of the female involved. Female genital mutilation (FGM), explores several different points of view as well as addresses many contemporary issues. Mainstream assumptions and stereotypes, contemporary issues, and the women’s cultural and traditional perspectives paint a broader picture of the issues and implications surrounding FGM around the world. Sub Saharan women face numerous challenges regarding hunger, poverty, lack of health care, education and other numerous life threatening implications. However, one aspect that appears to gain recognition around the world is female genital mutilation. Sub Saharan women who try to immigrate into modern society face these challenges on another level and often avoid migration due to stigmatization surrounding FGM. The developmental challenges that these women face while integrating into modern society as well as gaining cultural rights to practice FGM will be discussed throughout this paper. Mainstream assumptions

In today’s society the views of others and the role of mainstream society can be detrimental to a person’s culture and beliefs. Rogers, a renowned journalist, describes the image of female genital mutilation as “[t]he image of a child held down, her genitals cut with an unidentifiable piece of metal and her protesting screams resounding off the walls of some mud hut, somewhere in deepest, darkest Africa, constitute a Western imaginary of female genital mutilation” (Rogers. 2009. p.182). This coincides and emphasizes the majority displeasure about the topic. Bell explains how western society views female genital mutilation as "universally unacceptable because it is an infringement on the physical and psychosexual integrity of women and girls and is a form of violence against them" (Bell. 2005. P.130). Wayman, a popular journalist in the United States, explains her personal...
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