Feeding an Infant

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Bottle Feeding an Infant
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Bottle Feeding an Infant
Bottle feeding an infant is often times one of the most important aspects of being a new parent. However, it can also be a very taxing experience, so it is important to learn techniques that will help foster proper feeding habits. Learning these techniques will help to alleviate much of the monotony that is involved with feeding a new infant and also help to foster an enjoyable bonding time that feedings offer new parents. This instruction manual is intended to inform new parents how to properly bottle feed their newborn infant up to the first four months of the infant’s age. While feeding an infant it is important to take a moment to reflect on a few simple things. Make sure that they have extra clothes and burping rags on hand since feeding a child can be messy, while feeding the infant it is important to take note of their mannerisms such as when they are full or if they are eating too fast, also pay attention to the times when the infant is hungry so that a schedule can be easily created. Above all though, remember that bonding over feeding is an enjoyable experience and one that will bring parents even closer to their new child. This manual includes

1) Bottle cleaning.
2) Preparing a formula bottle.
3) Feeding an infant.

Feeding an infant food which has been prepared improperly can cause choking, sickness, burns, or even an allergic reaction. Be sure to contact the doctor immediately if any of these symptoms happen. Also, follow all the steps highlighted on the formula container and follow your pediatrician’s instructions. ALWAYS thoroughly wash hands before preparing formula (or any food). ALWAYS follow all directions for formula preparations.

DO NOT feed honey to infants under the age of 12 months. Honey can carry clostridium bacteria which can cause infant botulism. (Muscle weakness, poor suckling, weak cry, constipation, and decreased muscle tone) (kidshealth.org, 2013). DO NOT introduce solid foods to an infant less than four months, most babies do not have enough control over their tongues and mouth muscles to eat solid foods. (Hunter, J & Cason. K, 2013).

In order to use this manual effectively it is important to get familiar with these items. Specific formula types (Consult your pediatrician for what formula type is recommended). Measuring utensils (Measuring cups, spoons).

Burping cloth (any soft yet durable rag).
Feeding bottles.
Cleaning supplies (Soap, teat brush, pan, etc).

A) Wash hands.
1) Use soap and water for at least 30 seconds.
2) Completely dry hands with a clean cloth.

B) Wash all feeding utensils.
1) Use hot soapy water.
2) Use the teat brush to clean inside and outside of the bottle including nipple and ring. 3) Rinse thoroughly in clean water.

C) Sterilize bottles.
1) Fill a pan with water.
2) Place all the bottle pieces into the pan. *Make sure they are completely submerged with no trapped air pockets. 3) Cover the pan with a lid and bring to a rolling boil. 4) Remove from heat making sure to turn off burner.

D) Storing bottles.
1) Wash and dry hands. *See step 1 above.
2) Fully assemble bottles to help prevent re-contamination. 3) Store the fully assembled bottles in a covered, clean, dry place. II. PREPARING A FORMULA BOTTLE.
A) Clean the surface area where the bottle is to be prepared.

B) Wash and dry hands * See Step 1 Bottle Cleaning.

C) Fill a pot with clean water.
1) Bring the water to a rolling boil.
D) Read the instructions on the formula to indicate how much formula to water ratio is needed. « WARNING » Too much or too little could lead to the infant becoming ill.

E) Pour the correct amount of boiled water into a sterilized bottle being very careful to not get burned. 1) Do not leave the boiled water sitting out for longer than 30 minutes because...
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