Feed Forward Control

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Measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of an employee is one of the most important aspects of a being a manager. Our employees want to give the highest level of customer satisfaction to our clients. We are able to use three types of control to ensure the systems we use to meet the customers demand are effective, the customers are satisfied with the service we provide, our employees are rewarded for their productivity, and we remain profitable. Manager goals become more attainable the better they are able to use these three types of control measures.

Our managers use a star technique during the interviewing process that challenges an applicant to describe a situation, task, action, and result from a past experience. This technique is used to help identify the best candidates for the career opportunities that are available with the call center. It helps the employee because they will not have to waste time in an unfulfilling job where productivity will suffer. We invest our resources into the development of our call center employees through training program that empowers them to perform at a high level. The organization benefit from having a workforce that understands the expectations of management, understands the internal processes, and understands what in it for them. Our employees obtains this knowledge by completing the training and development program and become capable of delivering an awesome customer service experience for our clients. This is a feed forward control measure that we use to minimize future potential problems.
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