Federal Prison Comparison Paper

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Federal Prison Comparison
Rev. Wesley Crawford
Criminal Justice Administration/234
November 12, 2011
Professor Jeff Newsome

Federal Prison Comparison Paper
In society today there are more criminals in the boundaries of the state prison system than there are in the federal prison system. According to Bureau of Justice Statistics (2009) the United States state prison system has 1,405,622 within their jurisdiction; whereas, the United States federal prison system has 208,118 within their jurisdiction. The reason that the federal prison system has only 208,118 within their jurisdiction is that this system only deals with “the body of law consisting of the United States Constitution, federal statutes and regulations, United States treaties, and federal common law” (Black’s Law Dictionary, (1990). This paper will contrast and compare the various federal prisons that housed the following individuals who committed crimes against the federal statutes: Martha Stewart, Ivan Boesky, Michael Milken, Manuel Noriega, Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols, Alphonse Capone, and the infamous John Gotti. It shall also provide the differences from one prison to another.

Compare and Contrast the Similarities
According to [ (Masters, 2004) ], the judge sentenced Martha Stewart (63) to Alderson Federal Prison Camp, which is a minimum security facility, located in Alderson West Virginia. Martha Stewart and Peter E. Bacanovic her former Merrill Lynch and Company broker, whose conviction charge of conspiracy, obstruction of justice and lying to federal investigators about her ImClone System Inc., Stock. The sentencing for each of these defendants netted five months a piece in prison. The judge informed them that they could both stay free on bail during the application process for an appeal of their guilty verdict. Martha Stewart requested if she could start serving her time immediately, stating that “she wanted to get this nightmare behind her.” Alderson Federal Prison Camp sits on 105-acre, founded in 1927. According to [ (Masters, 2004) ], Alderson is the United States longest-standing federal prison for women. Alderson has housed many legendary inmates, which include the famous jazz singer Billie Holiday, World War II misinformationist “Tokyo Rose” “D” Aquino and Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme and Sera Moore, each were accused of trying to kill President Gerald R. Ford. In 1988, the Alderson Federal Prison Camp changed to a minimum security facility and as of presently the facility population is about 1,040 women, who convictions stem from drug offenses as well as white-collar crimes such as fraud [ (Masters, 2004) ].

Ivan Boesky (50), sentenced to a federal prison facility in Lompoc, California, the facility location is approximately 175 miles northwest of Los Angeles, California, founded in July 1959. The Lompoc correctional prison has three different facilities: the federal correctional institution that housed low - level security offenders, who are serving anywhere, from one to 15 years for drug offenses to other nonviolent crimes. This facility has a farm operation, and a United States Penitentiary that house medium security offenders, and adjacent to this facility is a satellite prison camp, established in July 1991 to house minimum security offenders. This facility is also adjacent to Vandenberg Air Force Base (Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2009).

Michael Milken, the “Junk Bond King” sentenced to the Federal Correctional Institution in Pleasanton, California. According to the Board of Prisons this institution accommodates co-ed inmates; meaning it house male and female offenders who have committed low to minimum level crimes. The females are low level offenders, and the males are minimum level offenders. This facility located in the San Francisco Bay area on a military base;...
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