Feasibility to Make Insect Reppel

Topics: Insect, Insecticide, Cockroach Pages: 3 (575 words) Published: August 16, 2013
Background of the Study
  Cockroaches are the   most noted pests insects due to their population.  Cockroaches are also the hardiest insects on the planet because they have a  capability to stay live for a month without food. The high price and   health risks  problem from food branded chemical insecticides gives dilemma to Filipino  household. Respiratory diseases can also get from chemical insecticides inhaled  by a person. This study seeks the possibility of using chilli and Onion as an effective cockroach killer.             

            The chilli and Onion extract as cockroach killer can be   possible by  the Botanical ang Chemical Properties   that can be naturally found within the  fruits. Calamansi   have a chemical property called d-Limonene which have the  capacity to suffocate and destroy the respiratory tract of an insect.

                In making the insecticide,squeeze the Calamansi until the extract reaches the measurement. Slice the onion into smaller pieces then crush with   juicer. For   additional d-Limonene   substance that melt the wax coating of insects, add some orange oil that is made by leaving the peels in a jar with alcohol   then place in a sunny place. To finish the product, mix all the extracts into a sprayer. Add salt to make the product long-lasting. To test the effectiveness of   this product, we used two set-ups; two boxes with ten cockroaches each inside.                 

                From the test that the researcher conducted, it   revealed that there is a significant difference between the effects of the prepared product and the commercialized product with the calculated t-ratio of 10.62 which is higher   than the tabular value of 2.262 at 5% level of probability and 3.250 at% level of probability.

A. Background of the study 
Cockroaches are one of the most commonly noted pest insects due to their population. More than 3000 species live in tropical regions. They are...
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